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Xpressivo live on KickStarter! Get a Jolt!

July 23, 2014

Xpressivo live on KickStarter! Get a Jolt!

SAN FRANCISCO (RPRN) 07/23/14 — Xpressivo: Start It Up!   Get a jolt today!

Xpressivo’s new X1 machine, the latest in single-serve coffee technology, is now live on KickStarter.


The brand, envisioned and established by San Francisco-based entrepreneur, Adam Lupa, became a mission driven by passion following a trip to Italy visiting his family. Troubled by the lack of easy-to-find, affordable espresso in the US, Lupa founded Xpressivo – and led the charge to change this category – offering machines and coffee that are top-of-the-line, yet cost-effective. 


Following a successful Beta-phase with many pleased customers,Xpressivo is launching on Kickstarter on July 22. The decision to offer various packages of the company’s offerings was one made based upon the Xpressivo philosophy of ‘quality coffee for all.’


Kickstarter, an online, crowd-funding site which allows individuals to invest in new products and technologies, is a cultural phenomenon which has altered the way companies both promote products and raise money while involving the masses.  The result has been hugely successful, and Xpressivo, with the same ‘all for one’ mantra, is providing early backers product discounts up to 70 percent – among other incentives.

Xpressivo live on KickStarter! Get a Jolt!


With super early bird levels starting at only $99 for machine with coffee packages, the sleek X1 machine is likely to sell-out quickly. And, with other discounted rewards from $129 to $199, there’s something for every coffee lover and budget. Furthermore, the Kickstarter campaign offers a unique opportunity for individuals to associate with this exciting startup, and help build the next great coffee brand.


Having already been featured on numerous top blogs and in print media, the Xpressivo-Kickstarter endeavor should also prove to be a media success.  This awesome Kickstarter campaign can be found at www.coffeekickstarter.com - or for additional information, visit www.Xpressivo.com.  Press inquiries please email: press@Xpressivo.com.


About Xpressivo
Xpressivo, based in San Francisco, CA, is a start-up, single-serve coffee company founded on a mission – to offer and hand-deliver quality and affordable coffee for all.  Featuring Italian blends, and newly designed, easy-to-use machines, it is poised to become the most talked-about brand over every morning coffee-break. Visit Xpressivo.com for details. 



Xpressivo live on KickStarter! Get a Jolt!
Let's do coffee!

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Media Phone: 800-477-0322
Media Web Address: www.coffeekickstarter.com
Company Web Address: ww.Xpressivo.com
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About the author:

For additional information visit www.Xpressivo.com.  Press inquiries email: press @ Xpressivo.com.


 About Xpressivo

Xpressivo, based in San Francisco, CA, is a start-up coffee company founded on a mission – to offer and deliver quality, affordable, and delicious coffee for all.  Featuring Italian blends, and newly designed, easy-to-use machines, it is poised to become the most talked-about brand over every morning coffee-break. Visit Xpressivo.com for details.

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