Broadcast to Associated Press - Our Biggest and Best Package!

This is our best value package and offers an incredible number of services:

  • Guaranteed placement of press releases in Associated Press’ proprietary search engine called AP Exchange, as well as distribution to AP’s mobile application. 
  • All Internet Distribution Package + National Distribution Package Features
  • Broaden News Exposure to 12 Million AP App Users & Consumers
  • Enhance Content with Multimedia Elements such as HD Video & High Res Images
  • 12 News Categories
  • Placement on
  • Industry News Feeds 
  • Distribution by news aggregators  to thousands of sites, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, CBS Money Watch, UPI,The Chicago Tribune, NewsDay, TechNews, and many other
  • Distribution to reach specialized media and trade publications, as well as thousands of individual reporters and editors via RSS feeds. Along with these services comes the guaranteed publishing of press releases in over 250 online newspaper sites. 
  • An Engagement Report for your release, which shows where your release is showing up digitally.