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Media Directories - Distribute Your Press Releases


RushPRnews media directories includes over 7,000 news outlets in the United States, including:

1,460 daily newspapers (USA )($150), including Associated Press bureau chiefs, and USA Today
1,451 TV stations (USA)($150) by request only!

Spanish media outlets,Newpapers,TV,Radio


trade magazines - industry specific (special request) (from $50 to $80) per category
review to change
Broadcast to Social Media Networks - including Facebook, Twitter,Reddit, Linked and and many more (from $50) an add-on to other services

African-American weeklies and radio


582 Canadian dailies  and TV (nationwide) ($80)

United Kingdom daily newspapers

( $80) £52.00



LEVEL I: Local Newsrooms
Distribution to local market of choice (dailies OR weeklies)

LEVEL II: Industry Specific Newsroom
Distribution to either (select one):

  • Industry-specific Trade magazines
  • Industry-specific Consumer magazines

LEVEL III: Target Market News
Distribution to either (select one):

  • All Canadian Market dailies
  • All African-American Market dailies
  • All Hispanic Market dailies

LEVEL IV: US Newsrooms
Distribution to all US Dailies

LEVEL V: Nationwide Newsrooms
Distribution to all either (select one):

  • All US Weekly newsrooms
  • All US Television newsrooms

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