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3 Worrying Trends in Social Media: Competitions and giveaways

LONDON, UK (RPRN) 03/01/11 — By Arie Moyal
Whilst it's great that more brands are getting involved online, I worry that their goals are not properly defined. This is underlined by three trends I'm observing in social media...

Recruiting a Social Media Candidate? Here's How To Evaluate their Twitter Know-How

LONDON, UK (RPRN) 08/24/10 — By Arie Moyal
There are quite a few people out there – including myself - looking for work in new/digital/social media. Many  are calling themselves “social media experts”. In fact, according to B.L. Ochman,...

Four-what? Go-where? Why be (geo)social?

LONDON, UK (RPRN) 08/23/10 — By Arie Moyal
What's Up with Places, and Others  Geosocial Apps - Privacy Violations or Community Building With the furor over yet another privacy violation by Facebook over its new geosocial application Places, one...

Does your definition of brand engagement include corporate responsibility? Mine does!

LONDON, UK (RPRN) 08/06/10 — By Arie Moyal
I possibly have a different definition of brand engagement than others, so I thought I might share my views. I'd love to hear your thoughts too! What is a “brand”? Unlike a...

The Role of Agencies in Brand Community Management (and social media)

LONDON (RPRN) 07/07/10 — By Arie Moyal
By Arie Moyal --Picture a party for the most important event of your life. It makes sense to hire an experienced event planner to help you make it the best it...

Get on board HugTrainUSA!

Montreal, Canada (RPRN) 12/18/09 — By Arie Moyal
Young Montrealer Wants To Give Hugs For Charity Jump On-Board the HugTrain! By Arie Moyal I’ll be travelling for charity around the USA by train starting in New York on December 27, 2009...

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