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Ice Bucket Challenge: Meet Rice Bucket Challenge

CARSON, CA (RPRN) 08/26/14 — By John Toomey
Since Spring, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over 80 million dollars for funding ALS research. Inspired by this success, the Rice Bucket Challenge  has been created by non-profit groups...

Students Create Online Planetary Improvement Network

BOURNEMOUTH, UK (RPRN) 04/04/14 — By John Toomey
 Students from Oxford and Harvard, in cooperation with the World Mind Network,Peer to Peer Media Group, and the Creative Commons Initiative, are building a new social network dedicated to using common...

Sharing Meals Online May Reduce Loneliness and Improve the Dining Experience

BOURNEMOUTH, UK (RPRN) 04/04/14 — By John Toomey
 An online eating trend that began in Korea has become a worldwide laboratory for experiencing and studying social bonding.  'Muk-bang', or sharing meals remotely with others through live video streaming...

Adelina Award promotes humanitarian causes through social media

Batangas City, Philippines (RPRN) 02/12/14 — By John Toomey
  The Adelina Award, one of the world's most prestigious prizes for humanitarian causes, is now partnering with its winners to further their work, according to Remy Santos of the...

Filipinos Refuse to Adopt Pork Barrel Parody as National Anthem

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES (RPRN) 01/20/14 — By John Toomey
The vast majority of Filipinos do not want to change their National Anthem to a satirical song which makes fun of current political scandals, according to Remy Santos of East...

Filipinos Entertained by Christmas Song Parody

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (RPRN) 12/27/13 — By John Toomey
Christmas is an extended holiday in the Philippines, where celebrations often start in September and last until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6.   But some members of...

Brave Typhoon Heroes Win Adelina Awards

Tacloban, Philippines (RPRN) 11/20/13 — By John Toomey
--   Several individuals and groups who exemplified great valor in the face of unimaginable tragedy during Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) have been honored by receiving the Adelina Award, the most prestigious...

Harvard, Oxford researchers invite others to join in building new network for planetary change

CAMBRIDGE, MASS (RPRN) 05/02/12 — By John Toomey
Students from Harvard and Oxford,  in cooperation with the World Mind Network,  Peer to Peer Media Group, and the Creative Commons Initiative, are building a new social network dedicated to...

World's Largest Social Networking Experiment Is a Success

Cambridge, MA (RPRN) 01/13/11 — By John Toomey
It turns out that all that time people spend texting, tweeting, Facebooking, and messaging is NOT a colossal waste. At least it doesn't have to be.  Because according to just-released preliminary...

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