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RushPRNEw Packages

Associated Press Broadcast

Broadcast to Top National Newspapers. GUARANTEED publication to TV and radio station websites, including and CBS MoneyWatch.
+ Online RushPRNews Newsroom broadcasting and Metrics included**
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Distribute to
International Markets

Broadcast to nationwide dailies and TV across Canada or nationalwide dailies in the United Kingdom.
+ Online RushPRNews Newsroom broadcasting and Metrics included**
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Target Market

Broadcast to nationwide dailies, radio stations, and magazines that target the African-American and Hispanic communities.
+ Online Newsroom broadcasting and Metrics included**
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Broadcast to
RushPRNews Online Newsroom

Publish to the RushPRNews Network, Google News, Yahoo!, Bing News, and thousands of RSS feeds, blogs, and Twitter. All releases are search engines optimized (SEO) and reviewed by our editors.
Metrics included**
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Social Media Blitz!

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Social share your release and YouTube videos on Twitter, Facebook, and all of the widely-read, most-popular social media sites
+ Online Newsroom broadcasting and Metrics included**
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**Metrics monitor your press release, from thousands of mainstream media,
blogs, discussion boards, and newswires.

RushPRNews - Newswire Services | US, UK, & Canada Press Release Distribution


 RushPRNEWS Services for $30+

We offer press release distribution, newswire services, and social media broadcast to reach the major news outlets and online audience worldwide at an affordable cost. We serve small business and agencies with needs that include:

  • content creation
  • content distribution to newsrooms and to social networks
  • US, UK, and Canada distribution
  • affordable cost

All press releases are Search Engine Optimized (SEO). You may add images and one YouTube video at no additional cost.

RushPRNews' services can be custom-made to fit all of your communications needs. Select as few or as many options as you like.

For custom orders to trade magazines, such as technology, travel, women's magazines, write us at

Get your press release to the right people with RushPRNews!

Please note: For the Associated Press Broadcast, we can guarantee 150 media placements. ( Please note,AP chooses the category that your release will be placed under. It may also refuse a release under which case, a store credit will be offered)

For the other packages, RushPRnews will submit by email your news in a professional manner to the top newsrooms in the U.S. and to Canada, but the final decision to publish or not is made by the media outlets. Therefore, we CANNOT guarantee media placements. Even though submitting at RushPRnews will build links, we are not a backlink builder service.



What people say
"RushPRnews was amazing to work with. I got better service from the company than some services I have used in the past for 3 times the price. They picked up the phone, worked with me late into the evening on our release that was dropping the next day. Release dropped exactly on schedule and got great pick ups. No doubt we will be back for another round."
- Mike Howard,, New York
"We use RushPRNews for Web releases, it's an easy and fast way to broadcast your releases and the company's customer support is second to none."
- Michael Ahearn, iLoop Mobile, San Jose CA
"We have used RushPRNews regularly for well over a year as it's a great route to achieving syndicated pick up of our content both quickly and cost effectively."
- Peter Goold, Punch Communications, London UK
"Thanks for all your help. it turned out great and you did a wonderful job arranging everything."
- Andrew Dallos, Producer, MSNBC, Universal
"RushPRNews were the first people not to laugh at my dream. They were the catalyst for the world finding "Dead Body Guy" and I owe all of our success to the press releases Anne did for us. As of this writing has eclipsed a quarter of a million page views in less than a month. 74 countries from 6 continents and over 100 TV and radio station mentions. MSNBC, twice the Today show, twice on CNN with Ms. Jeanne Moos! Fox News, WB, USA TODAY and so many more have covered us! All thanks to and their expertise."
- Chuck Lamb, The Dead Body Guy

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