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Philippe Matthews Show @rushprnews you ROCK! #pmshow

2fly2b50.com@rushprnews showed me to give em all you got at once THEN blog, network, etc. to keep the momentum. They're perfect for ANY budget! Try them!

London Digital PR
You are without doubt the most visually appealing global service with value for money I have used. Love it and so do all my clients. - Monique Lester, Public Relations consultant, London, UK

Mike Howard
RushPRnews was amazing to work with. I got better service from the company than some services I have used in the past for 3 times the price. They picked up the phone, worked with me late into the evening on our release that was dropping the next day. Release dropped exactly on schedule and got great pick ups. No doubt we will be back for another round -- Mike Howard, Business Dev. Manager, New York, NY

iLoop Mobile
We use RushPRnews for Web releases, it’s an easy and fast way to broadcast your releases and the company’s customer support is second to none. --Michael Ahearn, iLoop Mobile, San Jose, CA

We have used RushPRnews regularly for well over a year as it’s a great route to achieving syndicated pick up of our content both quickly and cost effectively.-- Peter Goold, Founder/President, Punch Communications, London UK

I have been associated with Anne Howard & RushPRnews for three years. Since working with RushPR, I have been featured on nationwide pod broadcasts, the Student Operated Press, featured on numerous articles by the Associated Press and have appeared on Fox News and the CBS Affiliate in Washington DC’s morning news program, as well as invited to join their non-profit organization inspiring healthy & active lifestyles for low income families in the DC area. Anne has been an essential part of Funfit’s growth and is a joy to work with. Your success is always her goal.
Celia Kibler, President, Funfit Inc. & the Funfit Family Fitness Center

I just had a call from a writer at US News & World Report from one of the releases I’d send to RushPR that had been indexed on google News. Just wanted to say thanks!
Maryglenn McCombs, Book Publicist- TN- USA

Wow, this last press release of yours is MAGICAL. I forwarded it off on my email list and have started hearing from people who i hadn't heard from in years. You sure knew what to say to get everybody's attention, the NYC museum, the retrospective at Berkeley, it was like a bomb you set off. You're BRILLIANT !    Graeme Whifler, Director, screenwriter,Los Angeles, CA


Your proposal has save us thousand of dollars each year over the two-separate- service systems we are currently using. Clearly you have had personal experience with this in your career and see the value of creating a one-stop shop for PR distribution and monitoring. Annamarie Hingos, Director, Communications+Public Relations, MN

I appreciate the fact that you have kept the service simple and user friendly. Being a web-based business keeps things simple and paperless and it is a huge benefit to me and my clients to receive clippings or industry news via e-mail.
Michelle Samek, President, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

I have worked as a communication specialist for both large and small organization and run my own business as well. In today’s economic climate, when so many communications professionals are working as full-time consultants or starting small agencies, a service like RushPR addresses a growing industry need. RushPRnews is a wonderful tool for businesses looking to get published at an affordable cost. Brilliant!
Lauren Albert, Communications Specialist, NY, NY


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