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  • San Francisco Mom Entrepreneur Launches Range of Stylish, Urban-Inspired 5-Panel Hats for Babies and Toddlers Monique Ritter, a Mompreneur, has created a range of stylish 5-panel hats for babies and toddlers, inspired by her San Francisco home. Disheartened by only be
  • Time to Hang Up on Germs. Viocase, a Sanitizing iPhone Case Gets Rid of Germs and Protects from Communicable Diseases Viocase is a multifunctional self-sanitizing iPhone case and charger.   – The makers of Viocase, UV lights self-sanitizing smartphone cover launche
  • Cisco Undergoing Changes to Business Model for New Cloud Challenge For the employees of Cisco Systems, August can be the worst month of the year. This month, the networking company announced 5,500 cuts to jobs, seeing the fou
  • Music & movies come together, IndustryWorks Studios releases feature film ‘BB’ digitally on BitTorrent Bundle August 18 IndustryWorks Studios (Producers of acclaimed feature film ‘American Mary’ and Syfy’s new Television Series ‘Van Helsing’) is ab
  • Personal Care Aide the Top Growing Healthcare Job in the US When it comes to the vast field of healthcare, individuals have a lot of career options that they can choose from. And many healthcare jobs will provide a hig
  • Bauhaus Restaurant Looking to Hire More Canadian Chefs to Keep Up With Demand In just one year, Bauhaus Restaurant has become one of the most highly-acclaimed restaurants in Vancouver. We are working overtime to meet increasing public d
  • Toronto Based TalentMinded to Represent ViziRecruiter in Canada for Next Generation Talent Acquisition – It just got easier to create visually compelling job descriptions with the recent launch of ViziRecruiter. This new entry into the HR Tech space helps
  • Corporate Gifts for Public Relations? Why Not! Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars looking for positive public relations and there are even experts in the field that contract their services t
  • Ultraseal America Inc explains the advantages of two-stage casting impregnation at Mexico Foundry Congress 2016 The advantages of two-stage casting impregnation as a routine quality enhancement that ensures cast metal parts remain leak-free were explained at the Mexico
  • Heero: the Perfect 3D Printing Partner Monitors & Controls Progress Heero: Aussie Design Team Launches Kickstarter for Device that Can Monitor and Control Electronics Remotely including your 3D Printer Let Heero protect your p
  • Wharton MBA Students to Release World’s First Consumer Smart-Mirror A team of Wharton MBA students announced that their venture, Perseus Mirrors (, will be releasing the world’s first interactive s
  • Gallery Pouch Protects your Artwork During Shipping Great protective packaging when shipping all delicate objects including fine arts, arts and craft and collectibles. A Simply Elegant Solution for Packing Pict
  • SAP Shows Further Commitment to the SME Market by Hiring New President If, when you think about SAP SE's main customers, you generally think of major businesses from the FTSE 100 with brands that are household names and extremely
  • Fast Lane Canada Launches Cisco Digital Learning Library Portfolio with value-added Mentoring Services - In conjunction with Cisco, Fast Lane has launched a portfolio of 21 new full-length Cisco Digital Learning Library courses. The purpose of the new portfolio
  • Fast Lane Launches Cisco Digital Learning Library Portfolio with value-added Mentoring Services - In conjunction with Cisco, Fast Lane has launched a portfolio of 21 new full-length Cisco Digital Learning Library courses. The purpose of the new portfolio
  • What Credit Market Experts Are Saying about Brexit In the initial hours after the leave vote came back victorious on Brexit, there was a rapid onset of pandemonium, not just in Great Britain but around the glo
  • All Seasons C Lazy U Ranch Shortlisted World’s Top Resorts by Condé Nast Traveler. Survey Ends July First -- C Lazy U Ranch Shortlisted World’s Top Resorts in 2016 by Condé Nast Traveler - Travelers have the chance to vote for their favorite 
  • Why Starting Off with VPS Hosting is a Wise Decision You may have heard the term ‘VPS Hosting, but what actually is it? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server – but, before exploring further, let&rsqu
  • FlipBelt Launches Hydration Belt for Runners and Fitness Enthusiasts FlipBelt announces new version of its wildly popular fitness belt to ensure customers are adequately hydrated while working out. FlipBelt, makers of the popul
  • Kickstarter Fun: Wu & Y: Combines Art & Activewear Artistic Activewear Brand Raises 20K on the First Day of its Kickstarter Campaign. An “Athleisure” Brand Encourages Artists & Fitness.  L
  • Nursing Schools Struggle to Keep Up With Demand for Nurses Recent studies carried out by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce suggest that although job openings for nurses are abundant as demands for h
  • 20 Dollars  Discount On All PR Distribution Packages Now Time to share the joy again! We just release our latest press release $20 coupon to be applied to any PR Submit packages of your choice. EndOfSpring2016 
  • Influential Magazines That Advocate Women of Color, Featured Inside Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love In the book Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love, one of the main characters, an African–American woman named Faith, reveals the influential magazines
  • A Look Back at RPRNmag Newsmagazine Crowdfunding Stories CROWDFUNDING A Look Back at Crowdfunding Campaigns: From Wood Watches to Chimps   Crowdfunding refers to the practice of raising funds through monetary
  • RPRNmag Newsmagazine Top Stories in May: Robotics & Education Recap Stories for the Month of MayLooking back at the month of May, it  was festive and filled with exciting activity commercially and socially.&nbs
  • Top 5 Must-Have Technologies for Startup Businesses Find the Secret to Making Your Small Business a Booming Success! Running a small business isn't cakewalk, and it can be especially difficult if you are just s
  • Ultraseal explains the transformation of casting impregnation at conference in Mexico The transformation of casting impregnation into a two-stage, fully-automated process is to be explained by Ultraseal at the Mexico Foundry Congress 2016 in Qu
  • Diligence International Knows Latin America As global investigators, Diligence International Group, LLC ( has a firm grasp on the challenge of completing corporate investigations. &nb
  • Losode Makes The Second Round at Voom2016 Losode set to disrupt the global fashion industry as they take part in record-breaking pitchathon with Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 Losode Makes The Second
  • $20 Off PR Events Coupon. Publish Your Press Release Today RushPRNews' motto is PR Made Easy, and we are here to help you achieve your publicity goals, as varied as they may be. From obtaining press coverage 
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