Madonna Gets to Play Nurse

Madonna Collage from Dirty MartiniButler Sick After Madonna Shot

LONDON,UK (RUSHPRNEWS)26 July 2008–Actor Gerard Butler was given a vitamin shot by Madonna on the set of her husband’s movie Rocknrolla – but it left him severely ill. The Scottish star fell ill while filming for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming gangster film, so the singer offered him a concentrated vitamin jab.

But despite Madonna’s good intentions, the injection failed to boost Butler’s immune system – and left him feeling worse than before.

He says, “Yeah, I got a shot from his (Ritchie’s) wife Madonna! I was sick, and she was a nurse basically.

“Guy introduced me to her and she said, ‘You’re the sick one?’ and I said, ‘Yes’. Well, she was amazing. She just said, ‘Drop your pants’. I stood there with my little bottom out, and she gave me a shot in the bum!

“It didn’t work at all – I got more sick!. But I appreciated the effort.”

It’s not the first time the star has injected vitamins into the derriere of a famous pal – she gave Justin Timberlake a similar shot when he fell ill while producing her latest hit LP Hard Candy.