Two Students Arrested in Campus Gun Prank

Students at Dawson asking for securityBREAKING NEWS: Two Students Arrested at Campus for Joking Around with Paintball Guns- Prank Gone Really Bad Following Virginia Tech Rampage and Dawson College Shooting in Montreal – Students and Staff Not Amused

by Anne Howard for Rush PR News

Montreal, Canada (rushprnews) April 18, 2007 – Two male students age 17 and 18, were arrested at College Saint-Laurent in Montreal yesterday following a 911 call from the security forces on campus.

The two students were seen brandishing guns on campus and aiming at students, causing a great amount of fear in the wake of Montreal’s Dawson College shooting last year where one female student died and numerous others were injured, and two days ago Virginia Tech, a rampage causing the death of 32.  Included among the victims at Virginia Tech was Jocelyne Couture-Novac, a Montréaler teaching French.

 One student at CEGEP Saint-Laurent stated, “this was not a funny joke at all. We are all worried after what happened at Virginia Tech and Dawson. What were they thinking!”. 

Once stopped by the police at College Saint-Laurent, it was soon realized that the guns were in effect paint-ball toy guns but nevertheless, the students were taken in for custody and spent the day in jail. 

The 17 year-old will face Juvenile Court Friday, April 20th and has been charged with disturbing the peace and intention to cause harm, the 18 year old will be seen by a judge as an adult in June and has been charged with disturbing the peace.


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