Red Dragon Releases Disposable Electronic Cigarettes on Website

Goodyear, AZ- Recently Red Dragon started offering a disposable version of its electronic cigarettes for sale on its website. The company’s disposable electric cigarette lasts longer than many other disposables, but provides many of the same features as the company’s rechargeable electric cigarettes.

“We’ve been offering disposable electronic cigarette for a year, but just through our network of hundreds of retail stores,” says Red Dragon’s Nick Evans. “The disposables have been very strong sellers and have been very popular with the merchants. Just in the past few weeks we started selling this model through our website, mostly due to customer demand.”

In contrast to many other disposable suppliers, Red Dragon manufactures its own disposable electric cigs, so they are in complete command of the products’ quality and performance. But it is the e-cig batteries that set the company’s disposable e-cigarettes apart from other brands. Red Dragon’s models use high-quality, durable batteries that will provide more than 300 puffs to each user – equaling the capacity of approximately 20 tobacco cigarettes. “The disposable’s battery is also somewhat ‘hotter’ than the kind in our rechargeable e-cigs, so it provides lots of vapor production,” explains Evans.

When the battery in the disposable is spent, the customer can simply discard the whole electronic cigarette. However since it is constructed completely out of metal, the e-cig may be recycled rather then thrown in the trash, which is the only method for disposing of tobacco cigarettes. The Red Dragon disposable’s low $11.95 cost also means it’s a bargain when compared to other disposable e-cigs.

The disposable model also employs Red Dragon’s standard replaceable electronic cartridge with its built-in atomizer. Customers may switch the cartridge’s flavor or nicotine concentration whenever they would like. When ordering disposables and cartridges on the site, smokers can select from among 48 different flavor, nicotine strength and e-cig cartridge color combinations. “I’m not aware of any other disposable electric cigarette on the market that provides so many different choices to the user,” notes Evans, whose business also offers a variety of different e-cig accessories.

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Red Dragon electronic cigarettes don’t contain, tar, smoke or the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit.

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