MoneyFish: The First Auctions Site Dedicated to Fishermen and Sportsmen

MoneyFish: For the sportsmen ready to make and save money! Buy and bid on the latest fishing tackle, rods, reels, apparel, and more directly.  No fees to bid or list.

MoneyFish, a sportsman fishing auctions site is ready to accept your auctions and take your bids right now. MoneyFish offers all sportsmen with a love for fishing a high return on their your auctions with no set up fees,  no  buyers and no sellers fees and provides both the capability to bid directly and to buy now the latest fishing tackle, rods, reels, apparel, and more directly, all in real time.

Considering that fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, it’s a great time to set up an auction.

How popular is fishing? More than 55 million Americans took one fishing trip in 2014. Even though, fishing as a hobby is more prevalent with older generations, more than ten million youths between the ages of six and 17 years also went fishing in 2014. Furthermore, in 2013, there were 27.95 million paid fishing license holders in the U.S.

That’s quite an audience to reel in!

So, check out MoneyFish and avoid all of those cumbersome eBay fees and enjoy MoneyFish’s free listings and the lower seller fee.

Be a part of the growing online sportsmen community and gain a following. Make and save money. Tap into the 55 million Americans who enjoy fishing.

How does it work? All you need to do is set up your free account, upload a product description and set up your bids or set it up to Buy Now.

What do you get when you join MoneyFish? 100% FREE listings, 100% FREE Reserve Prices, 100% FREE Photos (12 per listing) and a very low 3% seller fees per sale.

What’s different about MoneyFish? 

MoneyFish offers two options to sell and buy. Bid and Buy Now. And all with no auctions and bidders fees.

Auction Listings:  auction listing with a starting and ending time and a starting bid.
Buy it Now Listings: a convenient classified ad that allows the buyer to make the purchase on the spot.

So start bidding today on the fishing tackle and gear you need.

Join MoneyFish, it’s too easy and fun to pass.