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Centerpoint IT Connecting Georgia Businesses With Industry Leading VoIP Solutions from Allworx

December 13, 2016

Centerpoint IT Connecting Georgia Businesses With Industry Leading VoIP Solutions from Allworx

Atlanta, GA (rushPRnews) 12/13/16 — Business VoIP Options Offer Big Savings and Increasing Efficiency, Portability and Versatility of Business Phone Systems

Traditional and separate phone systems have long been the solution utilized by small business-owners. However, more recent years have seen more and more business owners making the switch to Voiceover Internet protocol or VoIP solutions. VoIP allows users to consolidate their business phone systems VoIP serves as a more efficient medium through which not only voice, but also data, video and instant messages can be transported.

Whether a business is looking for an entirely new telecommunications system or update an existing one, VoIP can be deployed for little to no cost and can tailored to suit a variety of business needs. Through incredible amounts of versatility and portability, making a VoIP call is often no more complicated than making a standard phone call. Modern businesses in every industry are constantly looking for ways to optimize technology and get increased value out of tech resources. However, business-owners often don’t know where to turn when looking for VoIP solutions packing a cost-saving punch.

Allworx Atlanta is a longstanding provider of the leading VoIP solutions for business and is committed to developing tailored solutions to optimize business phone systems. Allworx offers a variety of VoIP and additional advanced software solutions that are specifically designed to help business-owners make the most out of telecommunications technology. No matter the industry – healthcare, retail, education, finance, government – Allworx has the solutions necessary to revamp any organization’s telecommunications approach.

Georgia’s Centerpoint IT is celebrating 8 years as an APEX Allworx partner and have long been the #1 Allworx business phone systems Dealer across Atlanta and Georgia. “Our own continued growth is due to our focus on delivering innovative support and services that ‘Make IT Simple for You’ our customers.” Centerpoint IT President, Chris Chao claims. Innovations offered to clients include:

  • Affordable flat fee Allworx remote support
  • Allworx Disaster Recovery Service
  • FREE monthly end user / admin training delivered by a highly trained staff with
  • VoIP telephone system, voice/data carrier and managed IT service expertise.

Our partnership with Allworx goes right to the vein of what we try to provide for our clients. Chao adds. “Our staff have a heart for educating our customers and delivering the best experience possible. We hope to continue this through our partnership with Allworx for years to come.”

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about optimizing their business phone systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the #1 Allworx Partner in Georgia by contacting Centerpoint IT CTO Wayne Gosselin.

Wayne Gosselin, CTO – Centerpoint IT, Inc.
(404) 781-0200 – info at


Since it was founded in 2006, Centerpoint’s mission has been singular and simple:

to deliver on the promise of new technology for small and mid-sized business by making IT simple. In order to be more than a full-service business IT partner and phone system provider, Centerpoint focuses on taking the uncertainty and hassle out of what is an often complicated and critical area of business. Cutting through the noise of changing technology is where Centerpoint adds value to businesses. Centerpoint believes in delivering effective, affordable and simple services such as managed IT, cloud, hardware, network security, disaster recovery, connectivity solutions and business phone systems. This helps business owners to form the essential foundation for success so employees can focus on doing what makes them successful.


Allworx, a wholly owned subsidiary of PAETEC Holding Corp (a subsidiary of Windstream)., develops award winning business phone systems and network systems for businesses and distributes them through a network of Authorized Partners. The product line includes the Allworx 6x and 48x systems, Px 6/2 Port Expander, and Allworx 9224 phone, Tx 92/24 Expander, 9212, 9204G and 9204 IP phones along with a series of software options. By combining the advanced features of today’s VoIP phone systems with the key system features all businesses have grown to rely on, Allworx systems are ideal replacements for the millions of aging (TDM) PBX and key phone systems in use today. Allworx’ Consulting Division delivers elite software and digital hardware engineering services to both large and small companies who want to enhance and compliment their research and product development capabilities.

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