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PIGA Inc Introduces PigaONE©, A Neuromuscular Activation Gear

PIGA Inc Introduces PigaONE©, A Neuromuscular Activation Gear

- An innovative footwear to stabilize and strengthen the feet just so they can feel and do better - 

Montreal-based PIGA Inc. is ready to make its mark in the world of fitness and wellness with a novel way to stabilize and strengthen the feet for improved balance and increased performance. PigaONE© minimalist footwear is suitable for all low-to-medium impact activities that are done barefoot. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, martial arts, CrossFit, aquatic or outdoor activities, active people can now count on PigaONE© innovative technology to enhance the benefits during their favorite activity and perform at their best potential.

Pre-ordering is now opened on www.getpiga.com. The crowdfunding campaign going live on Kickstarter in May will fund the mass production and marketing of the first pairs of PigaONE©. The minimalist footwear will afterwards be available for sale on-line as well as at selected local sales outlets.

PIGA Inc. present the very first minimalist footwear integrating a plantar arch-support patented* technology for all barefoot activities.

PigaONE© came to fruition after two years of research, development and experimentation with a team of experts to create the dual-action PostureForceTM plantar arch-support patent-pending technology. This built-in technology improves the innate body’s ability to engage the proper postural reflexes while engaging in barefoot activities. PigaONE© foot slippers align and stabilise the feet so that the internal feet muscles work and develop properly.

“Our objective was to create minimalist footwear sporting an attractive design that met the unique needs of barefoot sports enthusiasts for whom support and balance are essential”, said Sandra Tremblay, President and founder of PIGA Inc. “Integrating a flexible arch-support system into a second skin slipper capable of strengthening the feet by neuromuscular activation, whether before, during or after training, is totally unprecedented”.

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Switch to balance mode with PigaONE, a foot support fueled with innovative technology.

The neuromuscular foot activation power of PigaONE© works by stimulating the plantar arch’s nervous endings responsible for transferring the information received to the brain, which in turn prompts the body to react by making the necessary adjustments to keep its standing position.

PigaONE© slippers combine functionality, design and aesthetics. Featuring a non-slip sole for added control, its minimalist design fits with the silhouette perfectly for a truly barefoot feeling. Made of technologically-advanced fabrics that are both ultra-light and breathable, the contoured-hugging compression provides an anti-fatigue and circulatory effect ideal for prevention, action and recovery.

Clinical trials have shown that PigaONE© improved the weight bearing areas of the feet for better floor anchoring leading to enhanced global posture. These trials also demonstrated a reduction in the oscillation of the center of gravity, resulting in less energy loss while maintaining balance. Improved balance in 90% of the subjects was observed.

PIGA Inc. received financial support for the research and development of its patented PostureForceTM plantar arch-support technology developed thanks to the invaluable contribution of a doctor in podiatric medicine and the Collegial Center for the Transfer of Apparel Technology, VestechPro. Determined to focus on research and development in footwear technology, PIGA Inc. is planning to bring out many novel products dedicated to fitness and well-being in the near future.

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