MobiLine Video-Call App Coming Up This Quarter

App Permits Video Preview of incoming Call

Discover MobiLine a Social Connective App for Fun and Business

MobiLine a social connective app in BETA right now is going to be released worldwide this first quarter. Sign-up today and become an early adopter of a new app that is promising to revolutionize how you accept a call, do an audition, apply for a job and connect with friends and family.

MobiLine preview video-call

Imagine Knowing the Intention of an Incoming Call

MobiLine enables the recipient of the incoming to see and hear the caller’s motive before speaking with the caller. How so? With a video preview of the incoming call.

Imagine Sending a Short Audition Recording with Your Phone

Performers love MobiLine. Do a table read and practices your lines. The app makes it easy to connect with agents and potential jobs.

Upload Your Phone Contacts to MobiLine

And connect to your business leads and your friends knowing already what the intention of the call is before accepting it.

Record your Personal Greeting and Make a Positive Impression on New Friends and Customers

Whether it’s for the fun of it or to promote your business, with MobiLine, you can record a personal greeting and delivers an innovative, interactive way to meet people, to capture a new audience and increase your business.

Live connect

Connect with friends, search for services over a Live real-time communication. Promote your business.

Live People and Live Connections When You Want It

With complete security and ultimate privacy, MobiLine features thousands of genuine callers from all over the world. No more creeps. You’ll know first who’s calling.

Around the World

Connect to new people from anywhere in the world, for a casual conversation or looking for your services.

Mission Statement

MobiLine connects people in an authentic way and removes the limitations of space and distance.

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To book an interview, obtain a specification sheet and do a prelaunch DEMO, contact Anne Howard from  AH Marketing Group