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Charges Announced in Massive Cyber Intrusion Case
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: Federal Bureau of Investigation 2017-03-15

Two of the Perpetrators Believed to be Russian Intelligence Officers Four individuals—two Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers and two criminal hackers—have been charged by a federal grand jury in the Northern District of California in connection with one of the

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Women, Violent Extremism and the Internet: Empowering Prevention; Dealing with Risk
Ottawa, ON. Canada (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2017-03-01

Women, Violent extremism and the Internet: Empowering Prevention – 6 March 2017 The CIC National Capital Branch, in cooperation with the SecDev Foundation, present a special panel on “Women, Violent Extremism and the Internet: Empowering Prevention; Dealing with Risk” on 6 March 2017 in

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National Popular Vote Election Experts Available
Saint Paul, MN (rushPRNews) By: AinsleyShea 2016-11-08

Experts available to discuss the Presidential Election and reform of the current system In the closing days of the 2016 election cycle National Popular Vote election experts are available to enhance your election coverage. National Popular Vote understands the shortcomings of the

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Pennies for innocent families, millions for lawyers, in Stanford settlements
Austin, Texas (rushPRNews) By: Coalition seeking Justice & Restitution 2016-09-26

COViSAL, a coalition of affected families in Latin America and around the world write an objection letter to the latest agreements in Stanford's case. September 23, 2016 Honorable David Godbey, U.S. District Court in Dallas; Civil action: 3:09-CV-0298-N We respectfully write to you

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What Credit Market Experts Are Saying about Brexit
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-07-08

In the initial hours after the leave vote came back victorious on Brexit, there was a rapid onset of pandemonium, not just in Great Britain but around the globe as well. Whist many saw the plummeting pound as a sign

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Growing Problem of Anti-Semitism in the United Church of Canada
OTTAWA, ON, Canada (rushPRNews) By: Andrew Love 2015-08-10

Proposals Before The United Church Of Canada General Council Reveal Growing Racism And Anti-Semitism Within The Body Of The Church UCC Pastor Launches Bridges Not Boycotts.ca to fight anti-Semitism in liberal Protestant churches in Europe and North America – There is a

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Demand for Independence of Punjab Echoes in San Francisco
San Francisco (rushPRNews) By: Sikhs For Justice 2015-06-08

 Thousands of North American Sikhs converged in downtown San Francisco to commemorate the 31st year of Indian Army’s invasion of Golden Temple in which thousands of Sikh pilgrims were massacred. A highly visible stage at the San Francisco City Hall carried

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FBI Releases 2014 Preliminary Statistics for Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: Federal Bureau of Investigation 2015-05-11

Preliminary statistics released today by the FBI show that 51 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2014. This is an increase of almost 89 percent when compared to the 27 officers killed in 2013.

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Filipino Freedom Fighter to U.S. Army Officer - Bataan Death March Survivor
LOS ANGELES, CA (rushPRNews) By: Farrell Chiles 2015-04-07

By Farrell J. Chiles “My father told me us kids don't understand freedom; all the liberties we have and how we take things for granted,” Ada Hurst said.  “He passionately told me he would fight and die for this country again.

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National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Launches 10-Day Voter Education and Mobilization Countdown
Washington (rushPRNews) By: dogon 2014-10-28

- In an effort to increase Black voter turnout for the Nov. 4 election, this past Saturday the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) kicked-off an aggressive 10-day voter mobilization countdown to close out its #Vote4Justice Campaign focused on

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