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Miley Cyrus Sued for $4 Billion For Racist Photo

Miley Cyrus (third from left), boyfriend Justin Gaston (fourth from left) and several other partygoers raised the ire of the Asian-American community with this allegedly racist photo leaked to the Internet

Los Angeles Attorney Sues Miley Cyrus

Class action lawsuit seeks $4 billion for ‘racist’ photo

By Matthew B. Zeidman

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RushPRNews/Hollywood Today) 2/13/09 – ‘Tween idol Miley Cyrus undoubtedly hoped the photo in which she allegedly made a racist expression would be quickly forgotten, but those hopes were dashed by a high-profile class-action suit brought against the Disney star Thursday.

Lucie J. Kim, a Los Angeles attorney of Asian-Pacific-Islander descent, has petitioned the Los Angeles County Superior Court for an award of $4 billion ($4,000 for each of approximately 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders in the Los Angeles area). Neither Cyrus nor her reps have commented on the legal action against the legacy entertainer.

In the court papers, Kim claimed that Cyrus had discriminated against those in her community by posing for the photo, in which the actress, her boyfriend and other associates squinted and appeared to widen their eyes with their fingers, while sitting next to a man of Asian descent.

The lawsuit accused Cyrus of “racism, prejudice and mockery” and claimed she was negligent in either not caring or failing to realize the photo would likely be made public due to her fame and constant public scrutiny.

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Cyrus, 16, has twice denied any racist intent over the past week, claiming that the media at large was simply on the lookout for the next “bad girl” and profusely apologizing to anyone who was offended by the image in two statements posted to

Asian-American comedian Margaret Cho also criticized Cyrus on her Web site Thursday in a scathing rhyme, calling the teen “a disgrace” and lamenting her own belief that anti-Asian racism was more socially acceptable in the United States than other forms of discrimination.

Cyrus is best known as the star of Disney sitcom “Hannah Montana,” which began in 2006 and follows the life of a teenage rock star who attends public school and hides her true identity from all but her closest friends and family.

The series has spawned a 3D concert movie, an upcoming story-based feature and a number of complementary soundtracks. Cyrus released her first solo album not associated with the show in 2008 and will star in the sequel to the Elisabeth Shue classic comedy “Adventures in Babysitting” in 2010.
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