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Black Marijuana Magazine Now Launched!
Atlanta,GA (rushPRNews) By: Derwin Wallace 2017-06-15

BLACK Marijuana Magazine is pleased to announce the inaugural launch of its new magazine on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. We invite all African American recreational cannabis consumers to subscribe at The June magazine issue will be the first issue of

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The Official Trailer for New Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Documentary Released
Houston, Texas (rushPRNews) By: Brian K Moore 2017-05-22

Girls Tyme - Making a Child of Destiny explores Beyonce’s and Destiny’s Child Rise to fame, and the sacrifices of forgotten manager and group creator Andretta Tillman. Since Destiny’s Child burst on to the music scene in 1997, the picture has

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National Popular Vote Election Experts Available
Saint Paul, MN (rushPRNews) By: AinsleyShea 2016-11-08

Experts available to discuss the Presidential Election and reform of the current system In the closing days of the 2016 election cycle National Popular Vote election experts are available to enhance your election coverage. National Popular Vote understands the shortcomings of the

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Influential Magazines That Advocate Women of Color, Featured Inside Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love
Gilbert,AZ (rushPRNews) By: HSP 2016-06-13

In the book Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love, one of the main characters, an African–American woman named Faith, reveals the influential magazines that brought awareness to women of color and from all backgrounds.  Faith, who worked as a commercial

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The African-American Dating Experience
Austin, TX (rushPRNews) By: Antwuan Jackson 2015-11-24

New book Chronicles The African American Dating Experience…And Explains Why Most Women Are Single. “The Price” now available for purchase Antwuan Jackson recently released his very first self-published ebook, “The Price.”  The ebook is a fictional memoir of sorts about the dating

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Filipino Freedom Fighter to U.S. Army Officer - Bataan Death March Survivor
LOS ANGELES, CA (rushPRNews) By: Farrell Chiles 2015-04-07

By Farrell J. Chiles “My father told me us kids don't understand freedom; all the liberties we have and how we take things for granted,” Ada Hurst said.  “He passionately told me he would fight and die for this country again.

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‘The Music Business Success Code’ Set To Expose Music Business HIDDEN SECRETS
Atlanta, GA (rushPRNews) By: Mystri The Writer Publishing 2014-06-03

Celebrities Endorse ‘The Music Business Success Code’  The long awaited music business HIDDEN SECRETS will be revealed on June 23, 2014 in a book entitled ‘'The MUSIC BUSINESS SUCCESS CODE: Creating a Strategy & Action Plan written by Tesah ‘Mystri’ Carnes.

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Sankofa Literary Society Selects Their Picks for Best Fiction Novels of 2012 – 2013
Oakland, CA (rushPRNews) By: Terry Hill 2013-06-03

The Sankofa Literary Society (SLS) has chosen Come Sunday Morning, by author Terry E. Hill, as one of five best fiction novels of 2012-2013. The SLS is a national literary collective of book clubs whose goal is to enrich the

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How to be an Uncle Tom (Rules for Success in the United Plantation of America)
CLEVELAND, OH (rushPRNews) By: Mozart Boukman 2013-05-23

The most explosive writing since the Willie Lynch Letter. Mozart, a self professed Uncle Tom has written the only self help book of its kind. Mozart Boukman is a reformed outspoken belligerent black man with a chip on his shoulder

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New Anti Gun Violence Music Video from indie artist Niva the Soul Diva and Kamal Supreme
New York City (rushPRNews) By: newblackmusic 2013-04-02

Independent R&B Rock n Soul artist Niva the Soul Diva has released her first new track and music video for 2013.The track is an inspirational and motivational song called 'Stop the Violence', an attempt to bring awareness to rampant gun

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