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Animal Rights

David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-10-02

Despite having been instructed by Parliament in 2011 to get wild animals out of circuses, David Cameron has been heel-dragging and stalling on implementing a ban. Whilst the government has finally begun work on draft legislation, it’s insisting

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Online Motorcycle dog carriers Pet Store Adds Healing Crystals for Dogs
Dalton, PA (rushPRNews) By: Jessica Auria 2012-08-27

 – Rockstar Puppy, an online pet boutique, has added healing crystals often used for holistic care on people and pets to its collection, in addition to religious charms. Jessica Auria, the owner of Rockstar Puppy, said the healing crystals help with

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Canada's Number One Relaxation Spa Offers Healing Hands and Healing Horses
GRAFTON, ON (rushPRNews) By: Ste. Anne's Spa 2012-08-16

 Ste. Anne's Spa Provides their Guests with the Opportunity to Interact on a Personal Level with one of the ten Domestic Horses on Property - From rejuvenating spa services to relaxing facilities and more recently, personal interactions with the horses on property,

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Bhutan Bans Extreme Confinement Cages for Egg-Laying Hens
NEW YORK, NY (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-08-02

Humane Society International applauds historic farm animal welfare measure Timphu—Humane Society International praised the Royal Government of Bhutan for instituting major animal welfare reforms for the country’s egg industry. // Facts: The Minister of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan, declared that any

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New SF/ACC Shelter Programs: WOOF, Ambass-a-Dogs & Special Forces
SAN FRANCISCO (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-07-25

The kennel sign says “Sheba is at camp.” A new pilot program is underway at San Francisco Animal Care and Control that will send dogs to Pet Camp, a board and care facility in San Francisco, where they might enjoy

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Tell MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Ringling's Cruel Circus!
Richardson, TX (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-07-20

These heartbreaking photos reveal how Ringling circus trainers cruelly force baby elephants to learn tricks by violently slamming them to the ground, gouging them with bullhooks, and shocking them with electric prods. Despite being informed about Ringling's lengthy

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Register for National Pit Bull Awareness Day Event
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-07-19

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month -- National Pit Bull Awareness Day is Oct. 27th 2012 National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD) is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit

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Tourists keep whaling alive in Iceland
Radolfzell/Reykjavik (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-07-12

If tourists would not eat whale meat in Iceland any more, the hunting of minke whales would no longer be profitable and would have to be adjusted. Therefrom the German dolphin and whale conservation society ProWal is sure. ProWal intervented

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Urban Decay Receives PETA Award After Canceling Plans to Sell in China
Norfolk, Va (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-07-09

Cosmetics Company Reverses Earlier Decision to Sell Products in China, Where Animal Tests Are Required Following discussions with PETA—and after receiving e-mails from thousands of PETA supporters—top cosmetics company Urban Decay has canceled previously announced plans to begin marketing its products

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Tv Bureau Censors Peta's Seal Blitz Featuring Canadian Actor
Toronto, ON (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-06-04

Emmanuelle Vaugier's Hard-Hitting Video Deemed Too Blunt for Canadian TV The new PETA TV spot featuring Vancouver-born Two and a Half Men star Emmanuelle Vaugier won't be appearing on Canadian television anytime soon, thanks to a rejection from the Television Bureau

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