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HOW TO: Find Your Social Media Sweet Spot
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Arié Moyal 2011-06-10

We all know that social media is a big deal in terms of how brands interact with their communities, generate revenue, and gain insight.   So how does a brand make that social media magic happen?   The first thing to understand is how

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Celebrity Mother's Day Survey From omg! on Yahoo! Reveals Which Famous Moms are Hot and Who's Not
SUNNYVALE, Calif. (rushPRNews) By: NewsToday 2011-05-04

The number one celebrity news site names Angelina Jolie the hottest celebrity mom; Sandra Bullock the hottest single mom; and Jessica Alba hottest baby bump Angelina Jolie

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The Role Of Today’s PR Is Best Define As One Of Connector
SAN FRANCISCO (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2011-04-06

By Anne Howard - When properly used and understood, digital tools reinforce the strength, influence and impact to media relations traditional approach. It is more important than ever to know how to develop a key message, but instead 

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Weekend Report: 'Hop' Lays Golden Egg
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2011-04-04

Topping the weekend, Hop hatched an estimated $38.1 million on approximately 4,700 screens at 3,579 locations, narrowly edging out Rango to claim the highest-grossing opening weekend of 2011 so far (if the estimate holds). It was also a larger start

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PR Essential to your Success
NEW YORK (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2011-04-01

By Bob Kelly Whether you are a business, non-profit or association manager, your success will depend, to a large degree, on how well you positively impact the behaviors of those outside audiences that most affect your operation. You need to

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How to Make the Most of Google Alerts
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2011-03-29

As a freelancer, your business revolves around the online world. From working with online companies to keeping up with the latest trends, you would likely be lost without the assistance of online searches. However, while you may depend on internet

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Tom’s Shoes Message- Incorporate Giving Into Your Business
Austin, Texas (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2011-03-27

#SXSW Tom’s Shoes - Dear readers, these are my notes jolted down during Blake Mycoskie’s panel at South by Southwest. What is the One for One Movement? In 2006, while visiting Argentina, Blake Mycoskie witnessed abject poverty and was

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Blu-ray: Burlesque Kicks Up a Storm
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: Hollywood Today, Rushprnews Writer 2011-03-06

“I could relate to Ali as a whole: having this dream, being denied, getting a chance, and getting people to take you seriously,” says Burlesque star Christina Aguilera. Ali, a small-town girl with a big voice, comes

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Obama Says Religious Faith Sustains Him Amid Challenges
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2011-02-04

President Barack Obama speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Feb 3, 2011 In remarks at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, President Barack Obama said challenges he has faced during the past two years, including

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Can Microsoft Compete with the iPad?
Seattle, WA (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2010-12-19

Reports indicate that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to unveil some new slates from Samsung and Dell at CES next month that are designed to compete with Apple's incredibly popular iPad. The company has not confirmed, and the sources of

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