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Neurotech Solutions, Ltd. Launches MOXO Analytics Tests To Evaluate ADHD
Science Park, Nes Zional Israel (rushPRNews) By: Adva (Peled) Levie 2014-03-10

MOXO Analytics is officially announced as an innovative online, science-based and clinically validated system for ADHD analysis. - Minimizing the cost and inconvenience of diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) an innovative platform from Neurotech Solutions, Inc. is announced to help

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Wide Range of Online courses Offered at White Mountain Learning
Ottawa, Ontario (rushPRNews) By: Norman Pirollo 2014-03-07

White Mountain Learning is now affiliated with Udemy and WoodSkills. Udemy offers a complete selection of online courses. WoodSkills offers a selection of woodworking courses and tutorials. As a Udemy affiliate we provide you with discount course coupons as they

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What Risks Canadian Businesses Should Know Before Using the Cloud
Saint John, NB (rushPRNews) By: Dino Karatzios 2014-02-14

Files on the Cloud?", the art of storing and sharing files on the internet and accessible anywhere using any device such as laptops, mobile devices, tablets etc… is a trending phenomenon with incredible benefits. But with the latest reports of

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The Quest for Financial Literacy: Is it achieving its Goals?
Ontario, Canada (rushPRNews) By: Laura Cole 2014-02-06

Over the course of the last four years, there has been a significant drive to deliver financial literacy skills and education to high school and college students. This has been prevalent across the whole of the Western world, with both

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StyleWriter: Write Like a Scholar!
Nashville, TN (rushPRNews) By: Lawrence Ness 2013-12-16

Attention Students and Faculty, StyleWriter turns your word processor into the world’s most powerful computerized editor and allows you to write and edit like a pro. Before paying professional editors to review your thesis or dissertation, use StyleWriter as your own

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Advanced Math Program Experiences Exponential Growth as Ministries Scramble to Fix Math Curriculum
Toronto, ON (rushPRNews) By: Lindsey Dickie 2013-11-29

As ministries of education across the country try to save their failing math curricula, a grass-roots enrichment program that has been challenging the way students learn math for over 25 years is celebrating a milestone. Spirit of Math Schools opened its

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HigherEd Thesis and Dissertation Group Support Services Offered
Nashville, TN (rushPRNews) By: Lawrence Ness 2013-11-06

The industry leader in Higher Education coaching and educational services, Dissertation101 (, now provides an affordable, low-cost option for thesis and dissertation support. Ideal for those who may not require, or cannot afford, a more expensive individual mentoring service. Pricing is

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Curso gratis por tiempo limitado - Técnicas para ganar dinero y olvidarte de la oficina
Scottsdale, AZ (rushPRNews) By: Priscilla Paredes Wood 2013-10-15

Por tiempo limitado curso GRATIS - Técnicas para ganar dinero y olvidarte de la oficina. Técnicas para ganar dinero y olvidarte de la oficina por Priscilla Paredes Wood - Usa tu experiencia - Consigue tus clientes - Trabaja desde donde quieras  **Este curso se ofrece gratuitamente solo

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Limited free offer for online course - Video Promo Essentials
Murdock, Minn., USA (rushPRNews) By: Jannet Walsh Media 2013-10-01

Limited time offer free online course - Video Promo Essentials - Shoot, edit and share video online! Video Promo Essentials by Jannet Walsh will be offered free to job seekers, educators or anyone wanting to start a new career or

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50% Discount for Woodworking Ecourse
Ottawa, Canada (rushPRNews) By: Norman Pirollo 2013-10-01

— Award winning furniture maker and sculptor, Mr. Norman Pirollo is giving away 100 discount coupons for his ecourse on learning woodworking. "Woodworking Course: Learn From a Professional"  is an on demand ecourse which students can access online or offline through

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