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All I Want for Christmas is for Trump to Shut Up is Island's new National Anthem
Cambridge, Mass (rushPRNews) By: Remy Santos 2015-12-22

 A satirical Christmas song poking fun at real estate magnate and presidential candidate Donald Trump has been designated as the new ‘National Anthem” for Panatag Shoal, a  collection of islands in the South China Sea, according to Gloria Abstemos of

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Philadelphia Promoters (The Heavy Hitters of Comedy) Produces Weekly Comedy Line-Up
Philadelphia, PA (rushPRNews) By: MONTEZ 2014-08-08

Philadelphia is known for it’s comedy venues and for birthing new comedians onto mainstream status.  A new conglomerate of comedy promoters, also known as, The Heavy Hitters of Comedy” will embark on a weekly series of comedy events called Make

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Filipinos Refuse to Adopt Pork Barrel Parody as National Anthem
QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-01-20

The vast majority of Filipinos do not want to change their National Anthem to a satirical song which makes fun of current political scandals, according to Remy Santos of East Asia Media Group.  Students, activists, social media denizens, and others

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Cartoonist Joins PETA in Campaign to End Cruel Cat Labs
(rushPRNews) By: PETA 2009-08-05

By Ian Smith St. Louis (RPRN) 8/5/2009— Dan Piraro, creator of the internationally syndicated comic strip Bizarro, is known for using his unique brand of humor to call attention to the very real suffering of animals. Piraro recently created a cartoon

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Renowned Canine Author and Activist Declares Fatwa against Michael Vick
(rushPRNews) By: Maryglenn McCombs 2009-07-09

Sarasota, FL (RPRN) 7/09/2009 --Genevieve, founder and president of the canine activist group Dogs United against Discrimination and Unfairness (DUDU – “You’re either walking with DUDU or stepping in it”), today declared a fatwa against Michael Vick, the former

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Group Promotes the Advancement and Protection of Canine Rights
(rushPRNews) By: Maryglenn McCombs 2009-05-22

Sarasota, FL (RPRN) 5/22/2009 -- Renowned canine author and activist Genevieve Highpoint La Reine announces the formation of Dogs United against Discrimination and Unfairness, a new group dedicated to the advancement and protection of canine rights. Genevieve, the canine author

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Coen Brothers Play Hardball With Clean Coal Coalition
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-02-27

Coen Brothers Lend Voices to “Clean Coal” Debate With Controversial TV Spot By Janine Theriault HOLLYWOOD, CA(RushPRnews/Hollywood Today/) 02/27/09 - Academy Award Winning directors Joel and Ethan Coen have become the most recent participants in the on-going war of words concerning

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Defective Supermodel's Bikini Bottoms Trigger Recall
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: Hollywood Today, Rushprnews Writer 2009-02-17

Sports Illustrated and Playboy Models struggle with bikini bottoms Manufacturers scramble to find cause of relaxed elastic as supermodels struggle to keep bottoms on By Robin Rowe - Snap-Fast Bikinis launches a massive recall today of its products, alarmed

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