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Kickstarter Fun: Wu & Y: Combines Art & Activewear
Brooklyn, NY (rushPRNews) By: WUandY 2016-06-16

Artistic Activewear Brand Raises 20K on the First Day of its Kickstarter Campaign. An “Athleisure” Brand Encourages Artists & Fitness.  Let’s explore the new.  - Wu & Y, a newly launched fashion Brooklyn-based startup raises $20k on Kickstarter in its first day.

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Influential Magazines That Advocate Women of Color, Featured Inside Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love
Gilbert,AZ (rushPRNews) By: HSP 2016-06-13

In the book Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love, one of the main characters, an African–American woman named Faith, reveals the influential magazines that brought awareness to women of color and from all backgrounds.  Faith, who worked as a commercial

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Losode Makes The Second Round at Voom2016
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-06-01

Losode set to disrupt the global fashion industry as they take part in record-breaking pitchathon with Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 Losode Makes The Second Round The African fashion industry is worth £25Bn yet less than 2% of African designers trade globally.

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London, United Kingdom (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-05-19 making an impression in Virgin Media’s  #VOOM 2016 Competition by creating a bridge between Africa and the World Less than 2% of African fashion designers trade globally and Losode wants to change that!, a pioneering fashion start-up with headquartered in

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Wayne Gretzky named A Great Canadian for the Canada D’Eh Run
Amherstburg ON (rushPRNews) By: Chris Uszynski 2016-05-18

Participants Voted And They Have Chosen The Great One To Be This Year's ‘Great Canadian’ -- The largest Run in Canada on Canada Day announces who will be on this year’s medal. The Canada D’Eh Run is the largest and most

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VOTE for, an innovative fashion destination by Africans #VOOM 2016
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-05-16

CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN-, an innovative fashion destination by Africans, is currently heading up the leaderboard in the #VOOM 2016 competition.  The rise of African Fashion Designers on the continent has grown considerably in recent years., a pioneering fashion start-up headquartered in

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How to Fix Common Boiler Problems
Keighley, UK (rushPRNews) By: BalooMarketing 2016-05-14

We ALL totally rely on our boilers to power up daily and we expect to wake up to a cosy wonderfully heated home. One dreaded day you wake up to find your boiler not running as efficiently as it did

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Time to Replace Your Boiler Then Buy British with Ideal Boilers
Keighley, United Kingdom (rushPRNews) By: BalooMarketing 2016-05-05

Ideal Boilers is a British Manufacturer based in Hull. It started business in 1905 in a Foundry furnace known as the National Radiator Company. In 1920 they designed a revolutionary free standing stove that combined an open fire, central heating

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Konifer Watch:Startup Offering Stylish Eco-friendly Watches Peaks at 300% Of Its Kickstarter Objective
SAN FRANCISCO (rushPRNews) By: KoniferWatch 2016-04-27

Konifer Watch A Balanced Mixture Between Fashion and Forest Passion  Startup Offering Stylish Eco-friendly Watches Peaks at 300% Of Its Kickstarter Objective. Goal Reached within 9 Hours of Campaign Launch! With the Kickstarter global community, Konifer planned to raise $15,000.

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Top Tips to Choosing a New Boiler
Keighley, Yorkshire (rushPRNews) By: BalooMarketing 2016-04-11

Is your old boiler letting you down or you simply worried it is not going to do another season then this is the article you must read before buying a boiler replacement. The old white box in the corner has done

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