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September Art Workshops with Toaa Dallo Welcomes All-Levels Santa Cruz Artists
Santa Cruz, California (rushPRNews) By: AH Marketing Group 2017-08-30

September Art Workshops with Santa Cruz Local Artist, Toaa Dallo Get to bring home a completed work of art by the end of the day! Toaa Dallo, a Santa Cruz local artist, announces a new series of Saturday art workshops and Paint Along events for

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Brave Hurricane Heroes Recognized
Arcadia (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2017-08-29

  Hurricane Harvey has brought out the best in ordinary people.  A new website recognizes and honors them for their deeds.  Jim McIngvale operates two huge furniture stores in Houston.  He is currently allowing dozens of storm refugees to live in

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Paul Vigario to Present at DSD Summit
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: AH Marketing Group 2017-08-25

Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global | Digital Smile Design and Founder and President of to present at the DSD Summit taking place this October 19 to 21st, 2017 in the stunning setting of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Vigario said to RushPRNews,

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Dental Technology Fully Integrated in Your Dental Practice
New York,NY (rushPRNews) By: AH Marketing Group 2017-08-16

Dental Technology Fully Integrated in Your Dental Practice  A Quick Review of The Powerful SurfCT Patient Treatment System with Digital Smile Design Are you a dentist? Do your patients understand what you're talking about when you speak to them about treatment options? Amalgams, Ceramic

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Dental Care To Easily Follow Presented by SurfCT
New York (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2017-08-11

Four dental care habits that are easy to follow and will make a difference in your dental health 1. BRUSHING REGULARLY Start with brushing your teeth twice a day. It is recommended for both children and adults to do it twice daily.

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Commission Releasing Daily Data On Consumer Complaints About Unwanted Calls
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2017-08-11

FTC Escalates the Fight against Illegal Robocalls Using Consumer Complaints to Aid Industry Call-Blocking Solutions Every day American consumers report tens of thousands of illegal robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission, and now the FTC is helping put that information to

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Paul Vigario Shows You How To Elevate Your Dental Practice with DSD and SurfCT
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2017-08-08

How to make your dental practice as popular as your local Starbucks Paul Vigario, CEO of DSD Global explains briefly how his company is taking the dental industry and dentistry to new levels. "What we mean by "Elevate Your Dental Practice with

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Paul Vigario Takes Lead Position at DSD Global
NEW YORK (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2017-08-07

Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design, along with DSD Global’s Executive Board, has announced the appointment of Mr. Paul Vigario as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Vigario, founder and president of the renowned dental information technology company SurfCT,

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Newborn Foundation Research, Programs and Advocacy Highlighted at WCPCCS in Barcelona
Saint Paul, MN (rushPRNews) By: Newborn Foundation, Rushprnews Writer 2017-08-06

Newborn Foundation Research, Programs and Advocacy Highlighted at World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery in Barcelona The Newborn Foundation, an international nonprofit leveraging process innovations and medical technologies to improve outcomes and reduce disparities for infants, presented two sessions

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Online Scammers Require Payment Via Music Application Gift Cards
Washington DC (rushPRNews) By: Federal Bureau of Investigation 2017-08-05

 FBI - - Complaints filed with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) from 2017 show online scammers are asking victims to pay fraudulent fees using music application gift cards as part of multiple fraud schemes. These schemes include auction frauds, employment/opportunity

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