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Church of Scientology Spreads Human Rights Message in Denmark
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-02-05

LOS ANGELES (RushPRNews) 02/05/09-- The Church of Scientology of Copenhagen teamed up with the national chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, the Network against Racism and Artists for Peace, with an event last month marking the culmination of a

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Scientology: Psychiatrists to Blame for 9/11 Attacks
(rushPRNews) By: Lilly von Marcab 2009-02-05

ByLilly von Marcab SAN FRANCISCO, CA (RushPRnews) 02/05/09- Psychiatrists are to blame for  the 9/11 attacks, according to two leading officials of Scientology front group "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" (sic), or CCHR. In a just-released video compiled from two interviews

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"God forbid!" -- Yes, Global Warming Has Spiritual Dimensions Say 21 Religious Thinkers
(rushPRNews) By: 12quala 2009-01-30

"God forbid!" -- Yes, Global Warming Has Spiritual Dimensions Say 21 Religious Thinkers by staff writer NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS)01/30/09 -- As the Earth continues to heat up degree by degree over the next few centuries, right up to the year 2500, how

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Church Of Scientology To Go On Trial in France On Drug and Fraud Charges
(rushPRNews) By: Lilly von Marcab 2009-01-30

Scientology Organized Crime Trial Just The Latest Of Many A trial date has been set for 25 May 2009 By Lilly von Marcab SAN FRANCISCO, CA (RushPRnews) 01/30/09 - By now, most people have learned that the nation of France has decided to

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Scientology From Inside Out
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-01-29

Robert Vaughn Young A former insider reveals strategies for managing the news media by Robert Vaughn Young LOS ANGELES (RushPRnews) 01/29/09-They say the first step in any recovery program is the admission, so here it is: I handled public relations (PR) and

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EXPOSED: Scientology's "Stress Test" SCAM
(rushPRNews) By: Lilly von Marcab 2009-01-25

By Lilly von Marcab SAN FRANCISCO, CA(RushPRnews)01/25/09- Everyone has seen them at subway stations, street festivals, shopping malls, and even ordinary city sidewalks: a few friendly-looking people sitting at small, folding tables, with colorful electronic contraptions prominently upon them, and lots

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Renew America Together: Volunteer on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-01-19

“Today, we celebrate the life of a preacher who, more than forty-five years ago, stood on our national mall in the shadow of Lincoln and shared his dream for our nation.  His was a vision that all Americans might share

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Israel News Agency Discovers Nazi Sex Video On YouTube
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-01-12

Israel News Agency Discovers Nazi Sex Video On YouTube originally published on JERUSALEM (RUSHPRNEWS) 01/12/09 -The Israel News Agency, the first on-line Israel Government Press Office accredited Internet news site, discovered a Nazi "white power" video on YouTube. The Nazi video

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Gaza Conflict From Both Sides On Paltalk
(rushPRNews) By: Gary Baumgarten 2009-01-10

NEW YORK (RushPRNews) 01/10/09 -The conflict between the Israelis and Hamas will be explored from both sides of the divide on News Talk Online on Monday and Tuesday, January 12 and 13. On Monday, my guest will be Israel's Consul

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Toronto's Newlyweds to Win Back their Day Dream Wedding
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-01-09

It’s Payback Time - Two Babylon Productions Wedding’s Clients in Greater Toronto Area to Win Complete Refund of Purchased Wedding Package TORONTO (RushPRnews) 01/08/09- It pays to get married in 2009 and in Toronto. Babylon Productions Wedding Center will draw

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