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North American Cities Slow to Adopt Open Source Software
Toronto, ON (rushPRNews) By: Inuvika Inc 2016-09-26

Government IT department are often one of the last places that politicians or the general public look to when trying to squeeze more out of the limited public purse.  This is not likely intentional.  Elected officials and their constituents understand

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Discover The Bedol Water Clock, Eco-friendy Clock Powered by Water
Los Angeles, CA (rushPRNews) By: markbedol 2016-09-22

The Bedol Water Clock.   The Clock powered by water. Just add water -- this clock never needs batteries.   It’s powered by water!  - The Bedol Water Clock, with its stylish design and bright attractive colors, makes it a fun, versatile and environmentally

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Waverly Labs Announces Reaching $3 Million in Crowdfunding on IndieGogo
NEW YORK (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-09-20

Smart Translating Earpiece Pilot makes unprecedented history in raising over 3000% fundings In the weekend of September 17th – 18th, Waverly Labs’ IndieGogo campaign reached $3 million: over 3000% raise from their original $75,000 goal.  Waverly Labs’ crowdfunding campaign, which started in

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IT Tech Support Scams Are on the Rise, says FBI
Washington, D.C. (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-09-15

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is receiving an increase in complaints related to technical support scams, where the subject claims to be an employee (or an affiliate) of a major computer software or security company offering technical support to

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Time to Hang Up on Germs. Viocase, a Sanitizing iPhone Case Gets Rid of Germs and Protects from Communicable Diseases
Houston, Texas (rushPRNews) By: AH Marketing Group 2016-08-22

Viocase is a multifunctional self-sanitizing iPhone case and charger.   – The makers of Viocase, UV lights self-sanitizing smartphone cover launches today a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 from its backers.   Over the past few years, various studies have alarmed consumers

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Cisco Undergoing Changes to Business Model for New Cloud Challenge
Doylestown, PA (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-08-22

For the employees of Cisco Systems, August can be the worst month of the year. This month, the networking company announced 5,500 cuts to jobs, seeing the fourth midsummer jolt of this kind in just the past six years. The

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Heero: the Perfect 3D Printing Partner Monitors & Controls Progress
Brisbane, Australia (rushPRNews) By: GuzuInventions 2016-07-21

Heero: Aussie Design Team Launches Kickstarter for Device that Can Monitor and Control Electronics Remotely including your 3D Printer Let Heero protect your projects while you roam the world!   Have you ever felt worried about leaving a 3D printer unsupervised? You could

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Fast Lane Canada Launches Cisco Digital Learning Library Portfolio with value-added Mentoring Services
Nepean, ON (rushPRNews) By: Lee Phillips 2016-07-12

- In conjunction with Cisco, Fast Lane has launched a portfolio of 21 new full-length Cisco Digital Learning Library courses. The purpose of the new portfolio is to have the ease and accessibility of the e-learning format, but yet have

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Why Starting Off with VPS Hosting is a Wise Decision
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2016-06-27

You may have heard the term ‘VPS Hosting, but what actually is it? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server – but, before exploring further, let’s have a look at some of the basics of what is known as a ‘virtual

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Top 5 Must-Have Technologies for Startup Businesses
San Francisco (rushPRNews) By: AH Marketing Group 2016-06-07

Find the Secret to Making Your Small Business a Booming Success! Running a small business isn't cakewalk, and it can be especially difficult if you are just starting out in the industry. As you move forward, unanticipated complications and roadblocks may

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