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Mad Men Secretary, Mary, Uncovers Boss' Secrets
BURBANK, CA (rushPRNews) By: SceneWithBritt 2010-04-19

Actress/producer, Britt Hysen, goes ‘Behind The Scene’ in a new webisode that explores  the vast world of art and the professionals that bring it to life. Finding the roles remarkably similar, 21 year old actress/blogger Britt Hysen, Mad Men’s youthful secretary

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NOVA: Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: Hollywood Today, Rushprnews Writer 2010-01-07

By Robin Rowe The Season 37 premiere of NOVA dives beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor to trace the mystery of Japan’s secret weapon of WWII: the midget submarine, tonight on PBS **** four stars  – “It carried two type 97

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NBC, FX and Reveille Define New TV Business Models at Variety Tech Summit
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: Hollywood Today, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-20

Money: TV Finds New Revenue Robin Rowe interviews Marc Graboff, John Landgraf and Mark Koops The Biggest Loser executive producer Mark Koops, working more closely with advertisers “People don’t watch networks anymore,” says The Biggest Loser executive producer Mark Koops. “They watch shows

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Krupa Barely Beats Osbourne to Win First Ladies Day on ‘Dancing’
HOLLYWOOD (rushPRNews) By: Hollywood Today, Rushprnews Writer 2009-09-23

Kathy Ireland holds her own as does Macy Gray By Jeffrey Jolson A trimed-down Kelly Osbourne wowed the crowd at “Dancing with the Stars,” though model Joanna Krupa led the women’s first night with 34 points. Ozzy’s daughter was next with

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Two Emmys for Jon Stewart The Daily Show
LOS ANGELES (rushPRNews) By: Hollywood Today, Rushprnews Writer 2009-09-22

The Daily Show Wins 2009 Emmys for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series and for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series By Robin Rowe According to Comedy Central The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, he has the best

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TV Recap: American Idol - Final 8 Results
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-04-09

By Kelly West Scott is Out! HOLLYWOOD (RPRN) 04/09/09-TV Recap: American Idol - Final 8 Results Well, Adam Lambert might have gotten the short end of the stick last night when his performance took place after the hour, causing many DVR users

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Kumar Goes To Obama House
(rushPRNews) By: RushPRnews 2009-04-08

Kal Penn Leaves ‘House’ for Obama Administration - ‘Kumar’ actor will work in office of public liaison By Matthew B. Zeidman HOLLYWOOD, CA (RPRN/HT) 4/8/09 – Kal Penn has taken a break from acting to give back to the public as part

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Miley Cyrus Shocked to Win Kids’ Choice Award

Sandra Bullock and Hugh Jackman were among several victims of Nickelodeon's trademark green slime throughout the Saturday night broadcast of the 2009 Kids' Choice Awards ‘Hannah Montana’ star thanks fans for voting By Matthew B. Zeidman LOS ANGELES (RPRN/Hollywood Today) 3/30/09 – Despite

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Stalker Arraigned

The alleged stalker of Olympian Shawn Johnson, seen here on 'Dancing with the Stars,' was arraigned Thursday Man accused of trying to break into ‘Dancing with the Stars’ set By Matthew B. Zeidman LOS ANGELES (RPRN/Hollywood Today) 3/26/09 – As an Olympic gold

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‘Gossip Girl’ Creator Discusses Ratings

Josh Schwartz tackles show’s low Nielsen numbers By Matthew B. Zeidman NEW YORK (RPRN/Hollywood Today) 3/24/09 – Since its TV premiere in 2007, cult hit “Gossip Girl” has been flush with sex, controversy and viewer buzz, but it’s consistently struggled to raise

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