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Obama Says Religious Faith Sustains Him Amid Challenges
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2011-02-04

President Barack Obama speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Feb 3, 2011 In remarks at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, President Barack Obama said challenges...
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Journalists Attacked, Detained in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2011-02-04

Journalists covering the protests in Egypt have been detained by security forces and attacked by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in the capital, Cairo.  Reporters say they have...
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US Disaster Relief Officials Look to Harness Power of Social Media
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-08-31

The massive earthquake that devastated Haiti earlier this year showed disaster relief officials in the United States the powerful role social media can play in responding to disasters...
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G20 Commits to Deficit Reduction Time Line
TORONTO, CANADA (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-06-28

Leaders of the Group of 20 meeting in Toronto, Canada have agreed that the world's most advanced industrialized countries should reduce their budget deficits by half within three...
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Canada Calls for Billions More In G8 Aid For Maternal Health
TORONTO,CANADA (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-06-26

Leaders of the G8 and other groups Friday pledged billions of dollars over the next five years to help cut the number of women who die in childbirth...
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Obama Urges Continued Stimulus Spending
TORONTO, Canada (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-06-25

President Barack Obama is urging G-8 and G-20 nations to work together on steps already taken to repair and strengthen the global economy. The president arrived in Toronto...
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China's Global Media Push Includes Broadcasts to Suburban Washington
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-05-14

China broadcast radio station to America operating from Washington, DC suburban area By Laurel Bowman At a time when Western media companies are cutting back, Chinese government-run news services are expanding rapidly....
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Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning co-star in new film about the groundbreaking all-girl rock band of the 1970s
LOS ANGELES (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-04-08

 Girls Prove They Can Rock in 'The Runaways'  By Alan Silverman They hit the music scene 35 years ago with a burst of teenaged energy and budding sexuality. Their story begins...
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Caesarean Deliveries at All-Time High in US
Washington, DC (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-04-01

By Vidushi Sinha Dr. Mutahar Fauzia (L) uses an ultrasound machine to check on the development of Laiqa Ahmed's unborn child Newly released data by the US Centers for...
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Haiti's PM in Canada for International Meeting on Earthquake Recovery
OTTAWA (rushPRNews) By: VOA 2010-01-25

Haiti's Prime Minister Jean-Max Belerive is in Canada for an international meeting to plan Haiti's recovery, while aid workers continue to struggle to deliver badly needed food, water and medical...
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