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October PETA Emergency Response Team Update
Norfolk, Va. (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-10-13

In just the few short weeks since my last e-mail to you, the dedicated staff of PETA's Emergency Response Team (ERT) has responded to more than 1,000 calls and e-mails...
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David Cameron, Stop Clowning Around – Ban Wild Animal Circuses Now!
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-10-02

Despite having been instructed by Parliament in 2011 to get wild animals out of circuses, David Cameron has been heel-dragging and stalling on implementing a ban. Whilst the government...
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Tell MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Ringling's Cruel Circus!
Richardson, TX (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-07-20

These heartbreaking photos reveal how Ringling circus trainers cruelly force baby elephants to learn tricks by violently slamming them to the ground, gouging them with bullhooks, and shocking...
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Urban Decay Receives PETA Award After Canceling Plans to Sell in China
Norfolk, Va (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-07-09

Cosmetics Company Reverses Earlier Decision to Sell Products in China, Where Animal Tests Are Required Following discussions with PETA—and after receiving e-mails from thousands of PETA supporters—top cosmetics company Urban Decay...
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Tv Bureau Censors Peta's Seal Blitz Featuring Canadian Actor
Toronto, ON (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-06-04

Emmanuelle Vaugier's Hard-Hitting Video Deemed Too Blunt for Canadian TV The new PETA TV spot featuring Vancouver-born Two and a Half Men star Emmanuelle Vaugier won't be appearing on Canadian television...
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Peta Investigation Prompts Seizure Of Hundreds Of Cats From Hoarder
Lee, Fla. (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-02-27

Caboodle Ranch Cat 'Sanctuary' Operator Faces Cruelty Charges Based on Evidence of Systemic Neglect and Unnecessary Suffering  Today, based on evidence gathered during a PETA undercover investigation, Madison County law-enforcement officials,...
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Norfolk, Va (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-02-16

PETA removes companies from cruelty-free list.   — Without notifying their customers or PETA, Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder—which have been on PETA's list of companies that don't test cosmetics on...
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NORFOLK, VA (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-02-09

TV Icon Joins PETA in Urging Companies to End Promotions of Deadly Rodeo Just days after speaking out against The Price Is Right's recent promotion of the Calgary Stampede and Rodeo,...
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Peta Calls On Feds To Investigate Animal Deaths At Bristol-Myers Squibb
Pennington, N.J. (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-01-18

Whistleblower Alleges Monkey Hanged While Tethered to Her Cage, Another Monkey Scalded to Deah — Today, PETA filed formal complaints with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the...
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What's In A Name? Man Changes His To 'Circuseshurtanimals.Com'
Norfolk, Va. (rushPRNews) By: PETA 2012-01-13

PETA Foundation Staffer Shows His .commitment to Helping Animals Used in Circuses  — The PETA Foundation staffer formerly known as Dan Carron is getting a fresh start in 2012 in a...
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