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U.S. Military Accused of 'Animal Torture' and 'Wasting Money' in Medic Training and Experiments
(rushPRNews) By: PETA 2009-04-16

by Ian Smith Norfolk, VA (RPRN) 04/16/2009--A new debate over torture has emerged in the U.S. It involves the military's use of live animals to teach medics how to treat severe...
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PETA Calls on Science-Fair to End Use of Animals in Student Projects
(rushPRNews) By: PETA 2009-03-24

Norfolk, Va. (RPRN) 03/24/09 — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling on Intel Corp. and the Society for Science and the Public (SSP) to enact a...
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American Heart Association Disapproves Training on Animal Labs, Memo States
(rushPRNews) By: PETA 2009-02-13

American Heart Association Agrees With PETA About Eliminating Training on  Animal Labs By Ian Smith Norfolk, Va. (RushPRNews) 02/13/09-— After People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched its campaign to...
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Ross University's Treatment of Animals Prompts Lawsuit
(rushPRNews) By: PETA 2009-01-10

By Ian Smith Student suing Ross University for requiring to perform painful procedures on animals, contrary to statements made to her at registration. NORFOLK, VIRGINIA(RushPRNews) 01/10/09—When Jamie Scott was considering veterinary schools,...
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IAMS or The Irony of Abusing Animals while Promoting Adoption
(rushPRNews) By: PETA 2008-12-09

By Ian Smith NORFOLK, VIRGINIA(RushPRnews)12/09/08-—With its ongoing Home 4 the Holidays campaign, the Iams Company has presented itself as an advocate for animals. Yet the company keeps nearly 700 dogs and...
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