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“Others” Marks Emergence of a Dance Company to be Reckoned With
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-05-30

By Janine Theriault, staff writer MONTREAL (RPRN) 5/30/2009--Montreal’s world premiere of “Others”, presented this week at Sala Rosa, the newest creation from choreographer Genevieve Bolla and her fledgling company Evolucidanse, was...
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Young Dancers Push Bodies and Boundaries with EvoLucidanse
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-05-28

by Janine Theriault, staff writer MONTREAL(RPRN) 5/28/09 - Genevieve Bolla and Emilie Gratton are on a mission. As with most young artists, they are taking their fresh-out-of-school enthusiasm (in their case,...
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American Idol Finale – Think You Know Who’ll Win?
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-05-20

By Janine Theriault staff writer LosAngeles(RPRN)-05/20/09 - All of America (or at least those under age 16) is waiting in rapt anticipation for the outcome of tonight’s American Idol Season 8...
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Report Explores Women’s Mental Health Concerns, Offering Possible Solutions
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-05-14

By Janine Theriault, staff writer Montreal(RPRN) 5/14/09 -- A recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health (OWH), has further highlighted the disparity between...
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Washington’s Childhood Obesity Epidemic; Challenges, Treatments and Prevention
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-05-08

Fitness Centers Around the DC Area Tackle Obesity Just In Time for May, the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month By Janine Theriault, staff writer WASHINGTON,(RPRN) 5/08/09 - The old maxim "there...
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Celeb Moms Jolie, Garner and Spelling Go Green for Mother’s Day
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-05-08

By Janine Theriault, staff writer LOS ANGELES (RPRN) 5/08/09 - In keeping with spring’s promise of renewal, a broader sense of the nurturing of motherhood, and building on the momentum of...
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Make A Pledge To The Planet this Earth Day
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-04-22

10 ways to save the planet and your wallet every day By Janine Theriault, staff writer LOS ANGELES (RPRN) 04/22/09 - While it may be true that many earth-friendly products still...
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Entrepreneur and Celebs Team Up For Earth Day
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-04-21

By Janine Theriault, staff writer A committed environmentalist, DiCaprio has received praise from environmental groups Small businesses making a difference in the fight to save the planet HOLLYWOOD (RPRN)04/21/09 - With this...
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Trial and Murder Hollywood Style - Spector Goes To Jail Others Walk Away
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-04-16

The wheels of Hollywood justice grind...slowly By Janine Theriault, Staff Writer HOLLYWOOD (RPRN) 04-16-09 - It took six years, two trials, and untold millions of dollars, but Hollywood’s justice system now appears...
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World, Meet the First Puppy! Obama Keeps His Promise
(rushPRNews) By: Janine Theriault 2009-04-13

By Janine Theriault, Staff Writer MONTREAL(RPRN)04/13/09 - After a very long and very impatient wait (not only on the first children’s part, on ours too), the First puppy has finally been...
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