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Clearing students that find university is further away need not worry about transporting belongings, reminds Send My Bag
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-08-15

Some UK students will be using the UCAS Clearing system to help secure a place at a university and the town or city may be slightly further away from home...
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Panel maintenance is a vital function if brands are to capitalize on their investment, says Cint
Stockholm, Sweden (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-08-07

Many brands choose to invest in a market research panel to gain insight on what values resonate with their audience. However, the vital function of panel management must not be...
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Audioboo allows broadcast journalism students to showcase their skills to potential employers
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-07-24

Audioboo is reminding broadcast journalism students that they can display their knowledge and skill-set to potential employers by regularly utilising the social sound network. The next-generation podcasting platform, used by...
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Brands Would Be Wise to Integrate Campaign Hashtags Across Multiple Social Networks, says Punch Communications
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-07-22

With the recent integration of clickable hashtags on Facebook, brands should take advantage of the new feature and incorporate hashtags across wider PR and marketing campaigns, recommends integrated search, social...
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Keeping a battery charger in your caravan or motorhome, is essential for power back-up, advises CTEK
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-07-13

Caravans and motorhomes often depend on their batteries to supply a constant, reliable rate of power, meaning a battery that is not holding a charge properly or is not charged...
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Punch Communications recommends brands to focus on backlink profiles and social signals for effective search visibility
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-07-08

Brands should be aware that standalone SEO campaigns may not fully optimise a website’s ranking potential, as search engine algorithms increasingly incorporate social signals and there continues to be a...
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Overseas students can avoid being stung by inflated airline fees when transporting heavy books, advises Send My Bag
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-06-19

When moving abroad to study or partake in a gap year, one of the most costly and unexpected expenses that can occur are the fees charged by airlines as a...
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Barclaycard Unwind Hosts Prize Draw for Family Tickets to See Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story At Wembley Arena
London,UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-06-06

– Neverland is coming to the UK this summer as the Barclaycard Unwind website reveals its latest prize draw, offering customers the chance to win one of two sets of...
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As the recessionary pinch impacts donations, not-for-profits should consider revenue generation via research, says Cint
Stockholm, Sweden (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-05-10

With many charities struggling to maintain fund levels due to the recession, alternative revenue streams need to be sought and capitalized on to combat the continuing reduction in donations. Cint,...
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Social Media Activity Must Align With Target Audience, According To Punch Communications
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-05-07

A recent survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics looking at internet access and usage in households and individuals[1], gives some useful insights for businesses into how different age...
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