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Leading car manufacturers recommend CTEK battery chargers
London UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2013-01-28

Demonstrating its range of smart battery chargers are market leading products, CTEK, a global battery care products and accessories manufacturer, is the brand of choice for numerous prominent vehicle producers...
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Businesses could save on travel costs by better utilising audio or video conferencing, says the Remark Group
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-12-24

Face-to-face contact in business, for example with clients, colleagues and business partners, is key to maintaining good relationships and effective working practices, but when overseas travel is required costs to...
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Use in-store marketing to boost online sales, recommends Synqera
St Petersburg, Russia (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-12-19

With loyalty schemes used widely by retailers, and the boom in real-time advertising favoured by brands to target consumers online, the use of the latest technology to capitalise on real-time...
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Leading UK Private Plate Specialist Offers Fans Chance to Win Latest Kindle Fire HD
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-12-13

Catching up with the latest car magazines, flicking through bestsellers, checking out films or browsing Facebook - you could do all this and more thanks to a competition launched by...
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Google+ Communities offers brands a fresh way of engaging with social network users, says Punch Communications
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-12-13

Google+ Communities, the latest functionality to be offered within Google+, brings the opportunity for brands to create interactive forums where they can have specific product, service or brand related discussions...
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Regtransfers Explains the Dos and Don’ts of Number Plates
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-12-03

Personalised number plates are more popular than ever, with celebrities, brands and many of the rest of us choosing to personalise their vehicles; but with so many on sale through...
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CTEK reminds snowmobile owners to carefully inspect their vehicles before hitting the slopes
London UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-11-30

As winter draws ever closer and snow sports enthusiasts prepare to hit the slopes, a global battery maintenance and care brand, CTEK, is highlighting the importance of ensuring that snowmobiles...
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Gamification the ideal mechanic for retaining customers, finds Synqera
Saint-Petersburg, Russia (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-11-29

The gamification market is predicted to be worth $2.8 billion by 2016, demonstrating the huge value of using gaming as a tool for developing loyalty. Retailers who use gamification as...
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AuthorRank’s Increase in Influence Could Be One of Google’s Key Ranking Factors in 2013, Says Punch Communications
Leicestershire, UK (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-11-28

In 2013, one of the key factors of Google’s algorithm and how it ranks content could be AuthorRank, according to integrated search, social and PR agency Punch Communications. AuthorRank, also known...
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Giving people a greater opportunity to shape future products can instill loyalty, advises Cint
Stockholm, Sweden (rushPRNews) By: PunchComms 2012-11-21

Across the majority of sectors over recent years, brands have witnessed customer loyalty decline. In response, Cint, a global provider of consumer research tools, suggests one simple way of encouraging...
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