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My-Fbuddy Starts Sex News Twitter Feed
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-06-03

London, UK (RPRN) 6/3/2009--My-Fbuddy, a new upbeat and light hearted adult dating site, has joined the Twitter phenomenon and will now be sending out several feeds a day regarding the...
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1 in 3 People Find It Difficult To Find A Sex Buddy
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-05-26

London, UK (RPRN) 26/05/09 --Due to nerves about approaching members of the opposite sex in person, 1 in 3 people who would like to find a regular sex buddy are...
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25% Would Head To The Bedroom If They Had An Extra Spare Hour Each Week
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-05-20

London, UK (RPRN)5/21/2009-- If there was an extra spare hour each week, 25% of the population would rather spend the time having casual sex than any other activity, according to...
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My-Fbuddy Identifies Most Popular Sexy Costumes
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-05-11

London, UK (RPRN) 05/11/09 --With Casual Sex now an everyday part of modern society, members of adult dating sites are now increasingly taking it that one step further and opting...
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Career Professionals Prefer to Remain Anonymous On Dating Sites
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-05-05

London, UK (RPRN) 05.05.09 --An increasing number of career professionals are using adult dating sites to organise casual sex, although the large majority are preferring to remain anonymous throughout the...
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Summer Sun Increases Sex Drive
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-04-28

London, UK (RPRN) 4/28/09- -- As the sun comes out and the weather starts to heat up, so do peoples sex drives, according to My-Fbuddy, a new upbeat and light...
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Dating in a New Area
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-04-20

London, UK (RPRN) 21.04.09. - At least 10% of new members on adult dating sites have moved to a new part of the country and are looking for new friends...
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Single Parents Join The Online Dating Phenomenon
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-04-15

London, UK (RPRN) 15th April 2009- More and more single parents, both male and female, are joining adult dating sites so that they can organise sexual encounters when and where...
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Experimental Sexual Encounters On The Rise
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-04-06

London, UK (RPRN) 04/06/09- With society’s views on no strings attached sex getting more and more lax, thousands of individuals are openly sourcing new sexual adventures and in doing so,...
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Sexercise - The Healthy Option
(rushPRNews) By: pressbrightday 2009-03-31

London, UK (RPRN) 31/03/09- More and more individuals are joining adult dating sites to find sex buddies not only for the enjoyment of it, but also as a means to...
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