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Renew Life’s #MomentsOfJoy Campaign Gaining Momentum On Social Media
Milton, ON (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2015-03-26

Supplement Co. Recognizing Canadians Making Positive Impact On Country’s Health Renew Life Canada, a prominent digestive health supplement company, has been generating buzz across various social sites with their 2015 #MomentsOfJoy...
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Renew Life Launches National TV Advertising Campaign with the help of Creative Bube Tube
Milton, ON (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2014-10-06

 - Renew Life proudly announces their latest marketing initiative for their product called "Cerebrum".  The Cerebrum campaign will be rolled nationally in collaboration with Creative Bube Tube who will utilize...
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Footlogix Medical Develops New Moisturizing Mousse to Transform Your Feet
Toronto, ON (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2014-07-10

Summer is just around the corner and a lot of people are working towards that perfect beach body. But while trying to get your body in shape for the summer,...
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RP Toys Ltd. Counts on Top Advertising Agency to Promote Latest Toy Collection
Carlsbad, CA (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-09-17

After hiring Creative Bube Tube for marketing last year’s toy collection, RP Toys relies again on this full-service advertising agency to promote RP Toys’ latest collection – this time with...
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Toy Executive to Release New Thriller Novel
Carlsbad, CA (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-09-13

A new thriller combining a suspenseful crime narrative against the backdrop of the toy industry will be coming out just in time for this year’s holiday season. Hal Ross’s “The Deadliest Game” intertwines...
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EGO Performance Coach Offers Free Core Training Seminar
Carlsbad, CA (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-07-30

Core training has become somewhat of a magic elixir. Everybody is talking about it and everyone says it’s important. Core training is certainly a favorite sports-media topic, but are we...
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Creative Bube Tube takes advantage of the rise of Social TV by offering fully-integrated ad campaigns
Carlsbad, CA (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-07-03

Television advertising has changed: Social content is leading the conversation in TV advertising like never before. The diverse way in which we can now watch TV – either live or...
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Creative Bube Tube launches Television Advertising Campaign for The Commons Institute
MILTON, ONTARIO (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-05-17

Great possibilities can be harnessed when voices come together; bold ideas are shared, new strategies formed, and challenging objectives achieved. Ideas are like seeds, planted when collaborating voices come together...
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Prosperity ONE Launches Second Television Advertising Campaign with Creative Bube Tube
MILTON, ONTARIO (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-05-09

In today’s challenging economy being able to rely on a financial agency that represents your interests becomes exceedingly important in the quest to achieve your financial goals - but the...
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Creative Bube Tube launches Mother’s Day Advertising Campaign for Cashmere Boutique
Carlsbad, CA (rushPRNews) By: Creative Bube Tube 2013-04-26

Mothers are a part of our lives, right from our beginnings as babies all the way into adulthood. They’re there when no one else is, for us to lean on,...
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