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San Francisco & Oakland News: Rocket Dog Opens Urban Sanctuary & Adoption Center!
SAN FRANCISCO AND OAKLAND (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2014-02-02

 Non-Profit Volunteer-Based Animal Rescue Gets Its Holiday Wish, Reaches Out To An Underserved Community…  – Rocket Dog Rescue, San Francisco Bay Area’s leading non-profit animal rescue organization,  announced on January 27,...
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World Week For Animals In Laboratories, April 20 - 28
San Rafael, CA (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2013-04-23

Remembering 10,000 Animals Who Drowned During Superstorm Sandy At New York University Labs   Please send two letters: use the form at this link to email your comments to NYU, then use...
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Thank Justin Timberlake for Promoting a Vegan Lifestyle
HOLLYWOOD,CA (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2013-03-26

Thank pop star Justin Timberlake for supporting veganism on national television. “Bring it on down to Veganville!” Recently, pop singer Justin Timberlake performed a skit on Saturday Night Live that...
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New Leader of the Pack TV Show with Cesar Millan
LOS ANGELES, CA (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-10-26

Cesar Millan and Nat Geo Wild are proud to announce a new 12-part series Leader of the Pack starring Cesar Millan. In the new series, Millan combats the global issue...
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Bhutan Bans Extreme Confinement Cages for Egg-Laying Hens
NEW YORK, NY (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-08-02

Humane Society International applauds historic farm animal welfare measure Timphu—Humane Society International praised the Royal Government of Bhutan for instituting major animal welfare reforms for the country’s egg industry. // Facts: The Minister of...
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New SF/ACC Shelter Programs: WOOF, Ambass-a-Dogs & Special Forces
SAN FRANCISCO (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-07-25

The kennel sign says “Sheba is at camp.” A new pilot program is underway at San Francisco Animal Care and Control that will send dogs to Pet Camp, a board...
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Register for National Pit Bull Awareness Day Event
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-07-19

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month -- National Pit Bull Awareness Day is Oct. 27th 2012 National Pit Bull Awareness Day (NPBAD) is a day of appreciation and...
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Tourists keep whaling alive in Iceland
Radolfzell/Reykjavik (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-07-12

If tourists would not eat whale meat in Iceland any more, the hunting of minke whales would no longer be profitable and would have to be adjusted. Therefrom the German...
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HSI/Canada and MAPAQ Rescue 125 Dogs from Inhumane Conditions at Commercial Breeding Operation in Quebec
Quebec, Canada (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2012-04-03

MONTREAL—Humane Society International/Canada worked with the Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food with the mandate of ANIMA Québec to rescue 125 dogs from a commercial breeding operation in the...
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Town Council in Iowa Forces Disabled Veteran & Retired Police Officer to Relinquish Service Dog
Aurelia, Iowa (rushPRNews) By: Gerdys Rescues 2011-12-27

James Sak, 65, a disabled Vietnam Veteran and retired Chicago police officer, was forced to relinquish his service dog after the Aurelia Town Council voted December 14 to prohibit the...
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