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Help Animals Imprisoned by SeaWorld

NEW YORK (rushPRnews) 03/17/10 — By Gerdys Rescues
In aquariums, dolphins and other sea animals routinely die prematurely of stress and other captivity-related causes, and SeaWorld has an awful record. But it's not just animals who...

WE ANIMALS: McGill Symposium & Exhibit on Animal Law

MONTREAL (rushPRnews) 02/22/10 — By Gerdys Rescues
From March 8th to 11th 2010, the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at McGill will be hosting a symposium and photography exhibit on animal law. It is with great pleasure...

Stop International Trade in Polar Bear Parts

WASHINGTON (rushPRnews) 02/01/10 — By Gerdys Rescues
Target: Canadian Government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper Polar bears are already struggling to survive in the face of global warming. Warmer temperatures mean less seasonal sea ice, making it harder...

Animal Welfare Quebec-Canada Organizes March to Close Gas Chamber

MONTREAL (rushPRnews) 01/31/10 — By Gerdys Rescues
THE FIGHT AGAINST THE HORRIFIC GAS CHAMBERS IN QUEBEC AND THROUGHOUT CANADA  Gas chambers are one of the most cruel and barbaric methods to kill animals. In order to save money,...

Nearly 100 neglected sled dogs rescued in Quebec

(rushPRnews) 11/18/09 — By Gerdys Rescues
Imagine being left in a forest, chained to a tree, without regular access to proper food, clean water or adequate shelter. Imagine growing more and more desperate as the days...

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