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Vintage Bikes: the Latest in Green Technology
San Fernando, California (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2011-03-25

By Bear from Old Bike Barn A little while ago, I told you about Julian Santa-Rita, a happy Old Bike Barn customer in Arkansas who converted his 1978 Honda CB 750...
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DIY Conversion Recharges Arkansas Bike Enthusiast’s 78 Honda
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2011-02-14

From  Bear, President and Founder, Old Bike Barn A while back, I asked how long it would be before motorcycles ran without gas. After all, everyone’s talking about reducing their carbon...
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Winter Motorcycle Blues - Forget About It and Fix or Build Your Bike
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-12-29

Winter Restoration Blues and How to Get Over It With Old Bike Barn Well folks it's that time of year again...   The time when we all dream about the perfect winter...
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The Old Bike Barn Story - For Bikers Only
Daytona, FL (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-12-01

Ever wonder where the paw in our logo comes from? Our Founder was given the nickname "The Bear" while he was in the military. Other companies may use paws in...
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Old Bike Barn Doing It Right for Older Motorcycle
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-11-27

By Bear, from Old Bike Barn  Old Bike Barn has a lot to be thankful for Thanksgiving in 2010. We listened to you and have made many upgrades to the site,...
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The Old Bike Myth- Kicking The Tire Kicker
Los Angeles, CA (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-11-22

By Bear from Old Bike Barn This week my rant targets the “Tire Kicker” and dispelling the myth that parts are not available for older bikes Well I’m sure you have...
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Real Bikers Needed. Say No To Fake Dog Tags and Road Rash
Austin, TX (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-11-20

By Bear at Old Bike Barn “Dog tags and good worn in leathers with a bit of road rash are two things I own... and I did not get them in...
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Old Bike Barn Tech Tips: Storing Your Motorcycle For Winter
NEW YORK (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-11-09

Some tips on how to properly store your motorcycle from the experts at Old Barn Bike (OBB) By Bear, CEO of OBB Even though I work in the motorcycle industry, I...
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Time To Take Your Old Vintage Bike Out of the Barn and Trust The Experts at OBB
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-11-08

Old Bike Barn’s motto is:  “A site by bikers, for bikers,” and for those seeking the best replacement parts for their cherished ride, there really is no better source on...
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Contemplating The Electric Motorcycle - Old Bike Barn Shares Its Thoughts
NEW YORK (rushPRNews) By: oldbikebarn 2010-11-03

by Bear, President and Founder of Old Bike Barn - How long will it be before motorcycles run without gas? It’s a question for the ages, or the engineers....
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