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President Obama Gathers Doctors While Finance Committee Prepares to Vote
WASHINGTON, D.C. (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-06

On the eve of one of the most critical weeks in the health care reform debate, President Obama gathered in the Rose Garden on Monday, October 5 2009, with doctors...
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Iran Agrees to US Nuclear Proposal ‘in principle’ - Senior US Official

US calls P5+1 talks with Iran in Geneva a “positive interim step” Following the seven-and-a-half hour talks Thursday between the five U.N. Security Council countries plus Germany and Iran regarding Iran’s...
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New Research Points to Genetic Propensity in Lung Cancer Patients

By Andrea Archibald and Kevin Meagher Newly developed breath test and isolation of specific gene markers could possibly double the survivability rating of the disease in the not-so distant future Not widely...
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Western Countries Meet Iran for Critical Nuclear Talks in Geneva
WASHINGTON, D.C. (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-01

Thursday, October 1 2009, the US and five western world leaders will meet with Iranian officials in Geneva to discuss the country’s nuclear activities, in hopes of ending the Iranian’s...
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Emotions Run High as Senate Finance Committee Nears End of Health Care Debate
WASHINGTON, D.C. (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-01

New firestorm erupts over Democrats ‘die quickly’ remark There were more fireworks over Capitol Hill this week as emotions ran high after a Democrat called the Republicans health care alternative to...
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Obama: American Samoa Declared ‘Major Disaster’
WASHINGTON, D.C. (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-09-30

In remarks made at an appearance at the National Institutes of Health Wednesday, September 30 2009, President Obama declared American Samoa a “major disaster” and announced the deployment of resources,...
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Polanski Will Likely Remain in Zurich Jail While Waiting Court Decision

Director Roman Polanski’s Swiss lawyers filed a motion Tuesday asking for his release from prison while his legal proceedings play out—the first step, many say, to his avoiding extradition to...
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Secret Service Investigates Facebook Obama Poll
Sunnyvale, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-09-29

On Monday, September 28 2009, Facebook announced that it is working with the U.S. Secret Service in their investigation into the online poll that asked whether President Obama deserved to...
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Apple and Eminem Go to Court Over Music Rights

Case to determine who owns rights to rapper’s music Late last week, trial began in a Detroit courtroom to determine who owns the rights to Eminem’s songs in this age of...
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Gap Inc. Co-Founder, Don Fisher, Dies at 81
SAN FRANCISCO (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-09-28

Don Fisher, co-founder of Gap Inc., died at his home in San Francisco Sunday morning, September 27 2009, after a long battle with cancer. His wife, and fellow co-founder, Doris...
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