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Fun in the Sun this Winter with Encounters Travel
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-11-28

Newly launched, Encounters Travel offer great value, small group adventure tours to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. Whether a solo traveller, a couple or holidaying with a group...
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London Digital PR Interviews Sara Graff of Taxing Nannies
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-11-27

Sara Graff runs a successful nanny tax and nanny PAYE company in North East London as well as running Sara Graff and Co, an accountancy company offering tax advice and...
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The Healing Power of the Dead Sea
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-11-15

Nestled in a lush oasis overlooking Israel’s Dead Sea shore is Le Meridien Hotel. Elite Tour Club’s 7-day Luxury Spa vacations here offers you superb spa facilities and health treatments....
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How Taxing Nannies Help Their Clients
London, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-11-14

Imagine the situation, you are a new mum or dad, you decide to return to work after maternity/paternity leave and employ a nanny to look after your baby. You...
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The Professor Who Has a Heart for Egypt’s Poor
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-09-29

Each Elite Tour Club destination country has its Contribution charities, and Ramy Nicola, Elite Tour Club's Cairo-based CEO, decided that the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation should be one of our Egyptian beneficiaries....
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Explore Your Religious Heritage and Spiritual History With Elite Tour Club
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-09-27

Anyone can go on holiday, take a well-earned vacation, travel to exotic places and see the sights. But perhaps you’re looking for more this year; something more life-changing? At Elite...
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Israel – Tour A Nation of Breathtaking Diversity with Elite Tour Club
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-09-22

The Jewish Holidays are drawing near once more, a time of reflection for Jews worldwide. If you have never visited Israel and always wanted to, Elite Tour Club can make...
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11.11.11 - Egypt’s Soul Stirring Chakra
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-08-30

Egyptian Pharaohs regarded pyramids as spiritual thresholds, Earthly corpse-preservers that allowed their souls to become heavenly immortal. Pyramids are symbols of spiritual awareness, and are magnetically attractive to travellers —...
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Elite Tour Club Launches Luxury Tour and Travel Website
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-08-22

The 1st August 2011 saw the global launch of Egyptian-British luxury travel and tourism brand, Elite Tour Club. A vigorous PR and social media campaign is building interest in their...
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Grand Designs On Children’s Play From SmartPlayhouse
LONDON, UK (rushPRNews) By: Naked Soul Art 2011-03-15

SmartPlayhouse has launched a new concept in children´s playhouses, inspired by contemporary architecture. They are designed as a modern and comfortable space, which help bring your child’s imagination to life,...
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