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Is Your Woman an Addict and How to Help?

Palm Springs, Fla. (rushPRnews) 05/28/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
How to find out and help if your partner is an alcoholic or addict  -- Addiction and women has been in the news lately, from Brittany Murphy, to Miss USA 2009,...

Addiction Thinking Paints The Past With Rosy Colors

Palm Springs, FL (rushPRnews) 05/27/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
Do you sometimes miss your drinking?  Do you wonder if you really needed to get sober, or if it was just your relatives being worry warts?  What was...

National Women’s Health Week: Sun, Sand, Beach and Prescription Drug Addiction in The Sunshine State

Palm Springs, Fl (rushPRnews) 05/07/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
National Women’s Health Week - May 9-15,2010 --Shawn Southwick, Larry King’s soon-to-be-ex-wife, and Miss USA’s admission to prescription drugs addiction are among the most recent very public debacle making headlines the...

Prescription Drug Addiction, Women and the Growing Problem in South Florida

Palm Springs, FL (rushPRnews) 05/04/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
One of the fastest growing addiction problems in the United States, prescription drug dependence has impacted the lives of individuals of all ages and socio-economic groups.   With...

Orchid Treatment Center Invites You to Join the Gratitude House’s Yearly Walk for Recovery

Palm Beach, FL (rushPRnews) 04/14/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
MEDIA ALERT  -Palm Beach County  -Gratitude House - 15th Annual Walk for Recovery to Take Place April 17, 2010 - On April 17th, the Gratitude House (www.gratitudehouse.org/) a recovery treatment center...

Alcoholism and Women – The Hidden Disease

NEW YORK (rushPRnews) 03/25/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
ABC News 20/20 interviews The Orchid Recovery Center and looks at the darker side of an illness shrouded in shame and secrecy  - On Friday April 30th, just in time for...

The Truth Behind Alcoholism and Women

Palm Springs, FL (rushPRnews) 03/24/10 — By Orchid Recovery Center
In the United States, over 5 million women abuse alcohol in a manner that threatens their health or personal safety.    On top of all the potential health hazards, alcohol abuse...

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