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Killer Guides Tackles Auction House System with a Diablo 3 Cash Guide
Sao Paolo, Brazil (rushPRNews) By: Killer Guides Ltda 2012-04-25

With the clock ticking on its May 15, 2012 release, Diablo III has garnered attention and excitement even before one copy is sold. With more than a decade of waiting...
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Killer Guides Early Preparations for a Grueling Diablo 3 Guide
Sao Paolo, Brazil (rushPRNews) By: Killer Guides Ltda 2012-04-25

With less than a month to go before its release, fans of the bestselling Diablo franchise are counting out the days before they get their hands on the latest installment...
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    Killer Guides specializes in profiling online gaming guides within the MMORPG genre. Follow their latest online guide of Diablo 3. Specializing in MMO's, Killer Guides has been a long time player in publishing unofficial strategy guides since the year 2006. The site includes numerous famous titles and spans throughout 200 and more leveling, currency, and class guides. Their collection includes World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Aion Online and their newest addition Diablo 3. Please note that the company is in no way affiliated to Blizzard Entertainment.