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Facebook Releases Data, Including All National Security Requests
Menlo Park, CA (rushPRNews) By: Tamara Holt 2013-06-17

Over the last week, in press statements as well as Mark’s post last Friday, we’ve repeatedly called for governments worldwide to be willing to provide more details about programs aimed...
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Robust, competitive tax system based on rule of law is vital to UK economy, business and capital markets
United Kingdom (rushPRNews) By: Tamara Holt 2013-06-16

“As we have consistently said since the Public Accounts Committee first called representatives from the Big Four to give evidence on the debate on fair taxation, a robust, competitive tax...
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Our continued commitment to combating child exploitation online
Mountain View, CA (rushPRNews) By: Tamara Holt 2013-06-16

The Internet has been a tremendous force for good—increasing access to information, improving people’s ability to communicate and driving economic growth. But like the physical world, there are dark corners...
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