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The Importance or Oral Healthcare: How a Lack of Education is endangering both Oral and General Health Levels

Colorado Springs (rushPRnews) 05/05/14 — By Lewis Humphries
The Importance or Oral Healthcare: How a Lack of Education is endangering both Oral and General Health Levels While recent statistics suggest that the global economy is continuing along an upward...

The Environmental Impact of Creek Excavation: Where Science and Nature Meet

London, United Kingdom (rushPRnews) 04/21/14 — By Lewis Humphries
Excavation is one of the most important and yet understated aspects of modern engineering, and one that has also accounted for some of the most prominent archaeological finds of recent...

The Leading SEO Trends for 2014: How Brands Can Steal a March on their Competitors

Greely, CO (rushPRnews) 12/31/13 — By Lewis Humphries
With the news that technology giant Google has recently clamped down on an affiliate SEO marketing campaign conducted by lyrics site Rap Genius, it has become clear that the nature...

This Week in Alternative News: Breaking the Code and Determining your Psychic Aptitude

Cleveland, OH (rushPRnews) 12/12/13 — By Lewis Humphries
For anyone who has never visited Japan, it may remain a nation synonymous with large brands, breaking financial news and global innovation. A recent report by the Rocketnews24 team has...

Understanding the Benefits of Ionized Water: Bringing Healthy Living into your Home

SAN FRANCISCO (rushPRnews) 12/07/13 — By Lewis Humphries
While much of the talk this week centers on the enforced closure of the federal government, an even more serious threat to American civilisation continues to impact on society. This is...

Dental Treatment and Obamacare: Evaluating the Future for U.S. Citizens

AUSTIN, TX (rushPRnews) 11/30/13 — By Lewis Humphries
Beleaguered U.S. premier Barack Obama has suffered further setbacks this week, once again due to complications concerning the controversial Obamacare program. After the recent government shut-down and concerns about the...

The Importance of Ventilation to Commercial Structures: Upholding your Responsibility as a Business Owner

London, UK (rushPRnews) 10/31/13 — By Lewis Humphries
As a business owner, there are a number of prominent factors to consider when leasing a commercial property. The size, monthly rental costs and location are all likely to dominate...

Obtaining a Career in Service Engineering: 3 Tips for Success

London,United Kingdom (rushPRnews) 10/31/13 — By Lewis Humphries
As the British economy continues to experience economic consolidation, there are a growing number of growth industries accessible to citizens. Whether you are currently unemployed or looking for a new...

Striking the Balance between Security and Style: Secure Fittings for Residential Homes

LONDON,UK (rushPRnews) 10/31/13 — By Lewis Humphries
After the police recently charged three men with the cyber-theft of an estimated £1.3 million from Barclays Bank, it is little wonder that consumers and small business owners are somewhat...

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