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Instant EIN Look Up, TIN Verification & Risk Prevention now at Realsearch.com
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: FEINsearch.com & REALsearch.com 2013-01-15

EIN Numbers or Federal Tax ID Numbers are always a headache to locate and verify for 1099 tax forms and other Tax Forms filings needed during the IRS Tax season....
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Employer Identification Number database Feinsearch.com reduces IRS 1099-B Fines
PALM COAST, FL (rushPRNews) By: FEINsearch.com & REALsearch.com 2011-12-08

Employer Identification Numbers, or Federal Tax ID Numbers must be reported on IRS Forms 1099 and W-9 correctly or stiff fines and penalties can be imposed by the IRS. Avoid...
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FEDERAL TAX ID NUMBER DATA: FeinSearch.Com Employer Identification Number Portal Makes 1099 & W9 Verification Easier
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: FEINsearch.com & REALsearch.com 2011-12-01

Federal Tax ID Numbers, or Employer Identification Numbers are required on all Business Tax Forms such as 1099’s, W-9, & various Tax Reports. Finding EIN Numbers is an elusive, difficult...
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IDENTITY VERIFICATION: New API Web Service Helps Stop Fraudsters Instantly
NEW YORK (rushPRNews) By: FEINsearch.com & REALsearch.com 2010-04-08

– New technology can ease the pain of Online Fraud and Identity Theft. Tired of online Fraud and bogus online registrations or web-form applications ? SSN & EIN Verification ae...
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W-9 Simplified: Federal Tax ID Number Database simplifies Tax Forms
New York, NY (rushPRNews) By: FEINsearch.com & REALsearch.com 2009-12-28

Need a Federal Tax ID number or EIN Number for your W9 Form or tax return, but can’t get a timely response? Maybe you need to verify the for profit...
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"Zohan" or The Art of Middle-Eastern Maintenance

‘Zohan’ Embraces Palestinians and Israelis - Middle East rivalries set aside for Adam Sandler comedy  By Robin Rowe for Hollywood Today HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) 6/7/08 – “Comedy brings people together,”...
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Tax ID Search Makes Tax Season Easier: FeinSearch.Com serves up over 12 million EIN Searches

Tax ID Search Makes Tax Season Easier: FeinSearch.Com serves up over 12 million EIN Searches Palm Coast FL (RUSHPRNEWS) January 18, 2008 – Tax Season is here and millions of...
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    At REALSearch, our mission is to empower FEIN Search is the nation's largest TAX ID Database and is developed and powered by LIBERTYData.net. Liberty Data (you with the industry's most comprehensive suite of powerful, easy-to-use online risk management and debt recovery tools. REALSearch is led by experienced professionals who understand your day-to-day challenges and the results you need to achieve. We believe that Collection and Risk Management demand access to quality, real time data. We have developed a cutting edge data company with the latest technology to help you meet your day-to-day challenges. That is why our vision is to continue to excel in the delivery of solutions that directly address all of your needs. We offer a comprehensive set of secure, web-based services that help clients get up-to-date information on consumers and businesses.