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Writing Requirements for Press Releases for Google News & Social Media Sites

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Per our terms and conditions, you must follow these guidelines to publish at RushPRNews.

It is MANDATORY to add an image using the “ADD AN IMAGE” tool. Press releases won't be published without an image.


  • Do not use all caps in your TITLE field. Instead, Capitalize The First Letter of Each Word. Keep your title short (under 116 characters).


  • NO MORE THAN 4 TOTAL HYPERLINKS PER RELEASE (the Google team has recommended to us to keep it under 4 to avoid being flagged as spam). PER GOOGLE'S NEWS POLICIES, WE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT "UNNATURAL" anchor text. Click here to read Google's updated policies.


  • Enter the date you wish to publish it in the DATE field.


  • Enter the closest major city in the CITY field; do not enter a county.


  • Length: your release should be at least 250 words and no more than 900 words.


  • DO NOT USE THE SAME TITLE IF YOU PUBLISH YOUR RELEASE on different newswires. Change your opening paragraph; if you keep the same title and opening paragraph, Google News will list your release as a duplicate.


  • For RushPRNews, REMOVE: "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” on top (if you don't, Google News may use it as the snippet). Place contact information at the bottom in the CONTACT fields.


  • Remove dates from your title. Google will drop you much faster once that date has passed.


  • No profanity or adult content allowed.


  • Please paste your release as plain text, then use the RushPRNews formatting tools to format your release.



Thank You,

Anne Howard

Editor-in-Chief, CEO RushPRNews

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