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How to Measure Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Sunnyvale, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2010-03-11

You’ve heard about social media. You’ve probably been told that you must be a part of it, that you must have a presence on those sites. You’re looking to jump...
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What to Expect From Google Caffeine
Sunnyvale, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-11-13

Google Caffeine’s sandbox, where the developer’s preview lived open for Webmaster feedback, was taken offline last week, replaced with a message from Google announcing its launch. “Based on the success...
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Windows’ Share of the Pie Shrinks Despite Windows 7
Seattle, WA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-11-05

Internet presence of Windows operating systems continues to shrink while Mac’s continues to grow A Net Applications report, released over the weekend, shows the Mac operating system’s share grew by 2.73%...
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Unusually Cold Reception for iPhone in China
Sunnyvale, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-11-02

Unenthusiastic reception meets the iPhone during its first official weekend in China The iPhone officially launched in China late Friday, and was met with to unusually small buzz and excitement. Authorized...
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The “Spam King” Faces Jail in Facebook Anti-Spamming Case
San Jose, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-30

Facebook awarded $711 million in damages; Accused spammer now faces criminal charges Thursday, October 29, a San Jose, CA court awarded Facebook $711 million in damages in their anti-spam case against...
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From Improved Mobile Operating System To Search Functions Google Keeps Busy
Sunnyvale, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-29

Google announces two new search functions and new features to its mobile operating system Android 2.0 It’s been a busy week for the search giant, announcing several new features almost simultaneously...
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Search Gets Up Close and Personal
Sunnyvale, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-28

Largest search engines serve personalized results; first steps into real time search The online world has been buzzing about the topic for weeks, even months—real-time search. The search engine bigwigs are...
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Twitter Apps for the Public Relations Pro
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (rushPRNews) By: Andrea Archibald, Rushprnews Writer 2009-10-27

Since its explosion in popularity, much has been written on the fate of Twitter—will it survive, will it make money and how, do users want to monetize? While industry-insiders debate its...
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Smartphones: New Target for Spammers & Hackers

According to many industry experts, spam, viruses, hackers, and a host of malware could be coming to your smartphone soon. With the huge rise in popularity of the iPhone, Blackberry,...
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Microsoft Corp. Shares Up Following First Quarter Loss

The software giant Microsoft had its biggest one-day jump in stock prices since April of this year, an increase of 7%, despite announcing a net income loss in its first...
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