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Brave Hurricane Heroes Recognized
Arcadia (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2017-08-29

  Hurricane Harvey has brought out the best in ordinary people.  A new website recognizes and honors them for their deeds.  Jim McIngvale operates two huge furniture stores in Houston.  He...
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Worldwide Online Research Project Invites Volunteers to Explore their own Minds
PALO ALTO, CA (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2017-03-06

A largely student-led online psychological  investigation called the Human Research Project invites  any  volunteer  experimenters, in less than an hour or two, to participate in online crowd-swarmed artificial intelligence, group...
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Black Films Matter supports Movie Binges on Oscar Night
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2016-01-26

The Advocacy group Black Films Matter is supporting private parties all over the world in holding home movie-watching marathons on February 28, the night of the Academy Awards telecast, according...
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Philippines to Host Largest Crowd in Human History
Manila, Philippines (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2015-01-12

The largest gathering of humans ever recorded will take place in the Philippines on January 18, when Pope Francis celebrates Mass for 5 million faithful at Rizal Park in downtown...
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Rice Bucket Challenge has raised 3.5 Million for the Hungry
Tanauan, Philippines (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-09-03

The Rice Bucket Challenge announced today that donations to organizations that fight to end world hunger have totaled  at least 3.5 million since the Challenge was initiated on August 21. ...
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Ice Bucket Challenge: Meet Rice Bucket Challenge
CARSON, CA (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-08-26

Since Spring, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over 80 million dollars for funding ALS research. Inspired by this success, the Rice Bucket Challenge  has been created by non-profit groups...
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Students Create Online Planetary Improvement Network
BOURNEMOUTH, UK (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-04-04

 Students from Oxford and Harvard, in cooperation with the World Mind Network,Peer to Peer Media Group, and the Creative Commons Initiative, are building a new social network dedicated to using common...
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Sharing Meals Online May Reduce Loneliness and Improve the Dining Experience
BOURNEMOUTH, UK (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-04-04

 An online eating trend that began in Korea has become a worldwide laboratory for experiencing and studying social bonding.  'Muk-bang', or sharing meals remotely with others through live video streaming...
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Adelina Award promotes humanitarian causes through social media
Batangas City, Philippines (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-02-12

  The Adelina Award, one of the world's most prestigious prizes for humanitarian causes, is now partnering with its winners to further their work, according to Remy Santos of the...
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Filipinos Refuse to Adopt Pork Barrel Parody as National Anthem
QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES (rushPRNews) By: John Toomey 2014-01-20

The vast majority of Filipinos do not want to change their National Anthem to a satirical song which makes fun of current political scandals, according to Remy Santos of East...
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